Do You Have a Sacred Place to Rest Your Heart?

Old Tree
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The roll of the days and the weeks and the years, each with their special string of moments, flicker by leaving behind in pictures traces of those times. The brain has a remarkable capacity to store all those images Kamagra jelly to be instantly recalled to us when we need them. Within the heart of those pictures are many sacred places.
For me, one of my first sacred places, was an old elm tree that stood at the end of our long driveway on the opposite side of the road. Over the years we lived in that old farm house I often found myself under it’s high canopy of leaves seeking solace, and counsel about things I would have been mortified to talk to my parents about.
The tree stood in the middle of a long stand of pines that served as a wind break in the winter and stood out in both personality and character.
The tree stood firm against all things, preaching patience and endurance and determination. The tree taught me to let the winds blow for the storm would always pass. The tree taught me to bend rather than break. The tree spoke of timelessness, of the grander vision, of the miracle of all things. The tree told me to love and to forgive.

However, I know , the moment the need becomes critical the place will present itself to me. That’s just the way it works.

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We all need such sacred places.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”


 Joseph Campbell

Where are yours? I would love to hear about your sacred places just leave a comment and share your feelings.


Since then I have found many other sacred places, never where I would expect them, but always places to go to reflect and heal.

Recently, feeling the need of such a place again, I realized a lack in my life. While I have places nearby that are sacred places, my office where I meditate, the place where I walk the dogs,  they don’t really fill my current need.

The tree is long gone now, the victim of Dutch Elm disease, but 

for many years the tree served as a mentor who offered up a sacred place for me to seek help and healing.

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