3 Ways to Discover Your Self Limiting Beliefs

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It makes one realize that the physicality of our world is a boundary to us only if our will is weak; a true champion can accomplish things that a normal person would think impossible.

 Garth Stein The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

We all have the potential all ready within us to reach for any dream we can dream.  Your dreams are all ready Viagra Professional fully realized within you. Your job is to manifest them into the physical universe. You can only do that my working on yourself limiting beliefs.

 Understand, first, that we all harbour self limiting beliefs. We learned them through osmosis from our parents and from others around us who may not have believed, or who learned them from their parents and respected peers. We have unconsciously assumed the mantle of what is possible. We have picked this up, totally without thought, through the words, deeds, and experience of our lives.

 The first time someone told you-you couldn’t do something the foundation for the boundary walls were formed. We learned the word “can’t” objectively but then began to turn it inward on ourselves subjectively. The first time someone embarrassed us when we reached and fell short and we took that into ourselves, we added re-enforcement to the structure of the prison we were building for ourselves.

 Fortunately, everywhere, brave men and women have challenged themselves to reach beyond their self limiting beliefs to achieve inhuman feats of accomplishment. You only have to look around you to see the evidence of those victories.

 The Wright brothers, as just one example, did not heed the self limiting belief that men were not meant to fly.

 Our lives are filled with those “Impossible Miracles”, yet in our unconscious state our view is restricted by the walls we’ve built. If we are lucky enough to have a window or a doorway we can look out at the unexplored landscape we have labelled impossible…and wonder.

 To get beyond the entirely imaginary walls of our confinement we need to do one thing…raise our level of consciousness so we stand in the present moment with no walls around us such as past or future. When we are released from our past experiences, pain and suffering, when we are free from fear of an uncertain future full of potential footfalls, we are free to see our way into the land of the beautiful summer morning, where all things are possible, all potentials can be realized.

 Your Practice:

 What Steps Can You Take to Discover Your Self Limiting Beliefs?

 1. For the next two weeks keep a journal entry to record every time you say “I can’t…. or “I’ll never be able to…or That’s not possible…I don’t have enough time… or money or any such limiting statement. The point of the exercise is to start to catch yourself formulating limiting beliefs. When you focus on something you bring your consciousness to bear. Once you’ve spotted some subliminal message you are feeding yourself you limit its power over you. Some of those beliefs will be down very deep and for the moment invisible to you. But as you work with this…things will begin to rise to the surface.

 2. Each time you catch yourself in a limiting believe, turn the belief into a positive statement.

Here is an example. You catch yourself telling a friend, “I don’t know how you do it; I could never stand up and speak in public.” Out comes your journal, write out the self limiting belief and underneath it write something like this:  “I am really uncomfortable with public speaking but I if I rehearsed something and spoke to a very select few friends in a very informal setting I could do it.”

 Note: You only have to take tiny steps, one at a time and build on that until you can get to something like this: “What am I talking about, I love to speak to people, and I have so much to share. I can’t wait to speak at our next board meeting.”

3. Team up with someone to help you spot those limiting beliefs. I have someone who is coaching me on that, because we all have blind spots

 Of course, a daily practice of meditation and reflection will help you see deeper into those corners where yourself limiting beliefs hide.

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