The Trilogy of Your Human Endowments: Robin Sharma Quote

Trilogy: Robin Sharma Quote



“This is the trilogy of your human endowments. To improve your mind without the cultivation of your physical gifts would be a very hollow victory. Elevating your mind and body to their highest level without nurturing your soul would leave you feeling very empty and unfulfilled. But when you dedicate your energies to unlocking the full potential of all three of your human endowments, you will taste the divine ecstasy of an enlightened life.”

Source: Robin Sharma: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny

The Trilogy of Enlightenment

Abandon one to the peril of the other two.

You find the  holy trinity  repeated in many religions.

This doesn’t mean that to achieve this trilogy you are an Olympic athlete or an Einstein. Instead it means that you devote some part of your time to the three areas of enlightenment. Care and feeding of the body means a balance diet, and healthy exercise.

Walking is one of the very best things you can do to invigorate the body, stimulate the mind, and inspire the spirit.

Gardening is another activity that feeds the trilogy.

Right now I can still smell rosemary on my hands from planting the herb in a new spot in the garden. The scent all by itself inspires. Rosemary combined with simple food feeds the body, the mind and the soul.

How do you get that walk in every day. Ten to twenty minutes would do. You just have to commit to the activity. What provides the greatest good for your body, mind and soul; thirty  minutes on the coach watching your favorite TV program or a 30 minute walk about the block? It’s a matter of priorities.

Work exercise into your morning routine.

Do these actions at the same time every day if you can. This way it becomes, in 21 days, a habit. Start off small and work up. Yoga is a wonderful way to bring youth and vitality to your body. (Editors note: more recent studies suggest 66 day to install a habit.)


The food you eat is an important element in the health not only of the body but also the mind and the soul.

To me nothing exemplifies a proper diet more than the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid in the illustration below. I have also included information about the pyramid issued in a press release with this update Pyramid. I invite you to go to the website links included in the press release.

My favorite source for Mediterranean Recipes is a Cookbook by Paula Wolfert Mediterranean Cooking

Oldways Press Release:

Last November, Oldways convened a high-level international meeting of leading nutrition scientists to review the very large number of recent studies expanding support for the healthful Mediterranean Diet.

Based on this new scientific evidence, Oldways revised the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, the colorful graphic that displays the high-level science underlying importance to good health.

What’s New in the Updated Healthful Mediterranean Diet and Mediterranean Diet Pyramid:

(1) Because foods from the plant kingdom are at the core of the Mediterranean Diet, the scientists decided to combine all plant foods into a single group. This change conveys how important it is to  eating a food or foods from this plant-based group – fruits, vegetables, grains (mostly whole), beans, seeds, nuts, olive oil, herbs and spices (a new addition to this Pyramid too) – at every meal to achieve maximum health benefits.

(2) Another key change is the recommendation to eat fish at least twice a week.

(3) The illustration itself is a change. It celebrates the delicious, varied foods of the Mediterranean region, while designed to get consumers interested and excited about the delicious and healthy foods of the Mediterranean Diet.

These are just a few of the changes and we invite you to visit the Oldways website for more details. We also welcome you to visit the Mediterranean Foods Alliance for Mediterranean recipes, cooking tips, the latest health information and more. For hi-resolution graphics, please contact me at (617) 896-4888, or at


Alison Clancy
Social Media Manager


Do Something

What ever you do, do something, for whatever time you have available.

I do a Sunrise Salutation; a series of yoga exercises, push-ups (my goal is to get to 100) and then my one hour meditation.

I attempt to follow the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid as much as possible.

This morning as I sat in meditation, I felt a flush of exhilaration, and not a mopey morning lethargy.

Try it, you’ll like it…after a while.

To your body, mind and soul,

Nick Grimshawe

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