Earl Nightingale Quote “Get Excited”

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Calm by the River Pool

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Earl Nightingale quote


This morning Felix, Emma, and I headed out at first light. Both dogs sensed I planned a walk. Felix couldn’t sit still and Emma joined him in running around the house and barking until I could get the seats down in the back of the car to accommodate them. They jumped into the back of the car trying to out do each other in a “king of the castle” game they had going. When we got to the dyke walk they made a fuss until I opened the door to let them come leaping out and off down the path to see what new smells littered the earth.

I took my clue from them, excited because the clear sky meant we’d see the sun rise over the mountain, a sight denied us for over a month of wind and rain.

I learn allot about the basic things in life from these two characters who find excitement everytime we head out for our walk, who seem to be empowered with joy for the simple little pleasure of a familiar walk out in the open.

They never care what the weather. Cold, rain, wind, sun, changes the sense of joy not at all.

I smile at their excitement , more contained in mine and I am rewarded as the sun comes up over the mountain and floods the valley with light.

On our way back the dogs took delight in greeting a young lady out jogging.
She stopped to pet them both which endeared her to them forever. Then she looked up at me , flashed a beautiful smile, and said, “What a wonderful morning it is.” She said it with the same wonderful abandon of excitement as the dogs.

Happiness seemed to rise up and lift me off my feet as we shared this intimate moment: two strangers finding the same joy in a beautiful sunny morning.


Get excited.


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