The Evening Garden A Lesson On Living In the Moment: Inspire #9

the garden
I am inspired by the evening garden. The other day with summer in full swing which brings on that lovely peaceful twilight time, I took a walk through my garden. Almost instantly I found myself back in the gardens of childhood reliving the excitement of the moment. At dusk the garden begins to change. Shadows are lengthening and getting indistinct, blurring the lines that in the bright light of midday are in sharp contrast. You find yourself in a new land where the landscape has changed in a way to reflect your inner landscape. Mystery waits behind the rose bushes, the corner under the big old maple is now the lair of some creature that quietly watches you.  As the day dies down to darkness the colors change, again the distinctness blurs. Moonlight begins to flood the garden with a silvery hue. Sounds seem muffled and far away.

Then you hear your mother calling you to come indoors and you don’t want to. You are caught up in the excitement, the slight edge of  fear, the thrill of discovery. The call comes again, this time with more urgency coupled with a tone of authority, you relent and slowly wander up the now unfamiliar path toward the lights burning brightly from the windows of the house. Now there is this new moment of excitement, a new rush of feeling about warmth and safety and love. You let go of your garden experience and grasp the new feelings in this new moment.

As a kid you haven’t developed all the habits that drag you away from the moment. You don’t have a past that drags you backward with feelings of resentment and pain. You still live more fully in the moment. You don’t have preconceived ideas about what you should do, ought to do, should have done. You haven’t developed regret and what ifs. You are still free of the baggage of time.

The other night as I stepped into the evening garden I began to relive those feelings, that experience opened up for me. What was interesting is: because I was in the present moment then, I came into the present moment now. I began to see the garden in a different light, from a different point of view. I could feel the uprush of joy at being in the presence of source or god. At that moment I had no history, no future, just an alive and vibrant now.

Tips For Practice:

1. Here is an exercise that takes you back to a “now” moment that you experienced. Do this with your journal open to record your feeling. Better yet do this with another person so you can tell them what you experience, then switch the roles.

First person asks “Recall a time when you experienced something new and exciting that made you happy.”

Second person answers the questions.

First person get the second person to describe the experience, the emotions, feeling, sights, smells , colors, touch.

Then reverse the process.

If you are doing it by yourself write all you experience in a journal.

Don’t judge each others answers but talk about how the process made you feel.

2. Go to a place you really love to be, a park, a favorite walk, a garden by the seaside.(Be sure to take a journal with you.) Find a comfortable place to sit.

Sit straight, take a deep breath, hold and then let it out very slowly. Now inhale slowly, fill all the way up… and release.

As you exhale let your whole body relax. Brand Levitra Feel the muscles in your shoulders soften. Another deep breath… slowly exhale… relax. Now look around you and notice objects in your environment. Look at a tree, look at a park bench, a rock. With each object look at the color, look for distinguishing   marks , assess their weight, assess the space they occupy. Write down anything that comes to you. Listen! What can you hear? As you do the exercise past and present fall away. You are in the “now”.   Awareness, being conscious will bring you into the present moment. As much as you can stay conscious you will live in the now.

Please comment about the post and how you did with the exercises. I have a comment competition for the month of July. If you comment your name will go in for a draw for a copy of  “The Tao of Pooh”.


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