What Part of Your Vision is Manifest in Your Life Today?

Rice Lake
Sunshine on Rice Lake: Photo by Nick Grimshawe

It’s kind of hard, , sitting here this Tuesday morningĀ  looking out across Rice lake to the hills on the distant shore to really express to you….what?…everything is jumbled into a bottle neck of emotion…all of it good…all of it bound up with you. Because I know I am writing to you, and I want you to feel comfortable here…and comfortable in your space…wherever that might be…to understand that the only pressure is the pressure you put upon yourself…which is good and bad.

It dawned on me today that the Law of Attraction…has worked on me again…to my delight…surprise and with more than a little irony. The universe has a way of bringing you what you ask for…only in a way you never really expect. It’s one of those serendipitous delights…that imbue our lives with joy.

One of my dreams has always been to live close to the water. I realized this just this morning…that part of that dream materialized without me really understanding it….because part of that vision included a more topical location…as on an ocean or a sea. Never the less… I understand that the universe delivered to me…the part of that vision…that I was prepared for. Here at Rice lake you see I am only 15 minutes from my son’s home, and a few hours from any one of my sisters…things I need now…more than the tropical location.

That doesn’t mean… I give up my vision…instead I am encouraged to continue to envision that future which will become, when I am ready for it, my “now” reality.

You see…understanding that…makes me feel comfortable…not the comfortable of laziness, but the comfortable of certainty…the idea that the path I am on is the path I am on for a reason…and it’s the same for you.

You are on your path…where you are is your path…and the comfort in that is to know that the pressure you are exerting on yourself really…honestly…isn’t necessary.

Granted you need to have your vision…your conscious vision… of who you would like to be…like to become…and have the awareness to notice that – that vision is unfolding for you right now…this very moment in time. You are becoming the vision you have of yourself.

The only kicker is…if you are not conscious of that vision…then you are becoming your unconscious vision of yourself.

“The work” is being consciously aware of your vision. The comfort comes from understanding…that if you are doing the first part…the universe is taking care of the rest.

That is why…part of the daily routine I preach…is to ask yourself everyday….”What is the greatest ideal of myself I can be today?”

Then take the time to reflect upon that vision and see what part of that vision is manifest in your life today.

As I push back my office chair from my desk…off to my right I gaze out at the conscious manifestation of part of my vision…living only a few steps from the water. There is something unaccountably comfortable in that. It feels akin to being held in the arms of the universe. It is the ultimate comfort zone…the one you never have to escape from…but to get there you need to leave your unconscious comfort zone behind.


Until we meet again





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