How Would My Thinking Change If?

Thinking change


Today  as I gaze out my office window the wind is making the young spring leaves of my huge tulip tree sway and shimmer. Moisture from the rain, running down the tree trunk stains the bark to a darker grey. In the foreground a red rhododendron adds color. A bumble bee is busy seeking food deep within the blooms. Beyond the big tulip tree I can see the red leaves of an ornamental maple tree and a row of cedars dressed in fresh spring green at their branch tips.

I can hear the buzz of my computer over the silence that lingers in the sleepy morning.

My window frames all this…which like a doorway is showing me a glimpse of a larger world. It’s a wonderful analogy of how we live our lives. We see through the lens of our eyes a world colored by the state of our minds. We see only a small image of the larger world around us. That world is stunningly huge. We draw conclusions about what we see in front of us at our peril.

We would all live more peacefully on this planet…if we could just leave the question there…instead of trying to reason with what we see, feel and experience at any one time. We find it difficult not to make assumptions with limited knowledge. When we make those assumptions we need to remember we base them on a limited vision. I see spring from my window, but you might be sinking into late fall. My clock says 10.07 a.m. but yours probably reads something different. Today for me is Monday, or Tuesday as you read this…but it could be Tuesday or Wednesday as you read this.

From my window I see life’s abundance…but it isn’t even representative of all life on this planet. How amazingly blessed we are to have enormous diversity. Just a few steps from here, up some stairs to my bedroom…to my bedroom window, I would see a totally different vision.

We all stop and remember this from time to time, in our busy lives. That the view we see is only a tiny part of the whole…that we should stay open to the greater vista. We should remember that we think narrowly more often than we think in the wider world of the whole.

We could even ask ourselves this question: “How would my thinking change on this subject if I stopped to consider the larger vista of the universe?”

It’s a wonderful question to ponder on a sleepy, wet,   morning.

Try not to become fixed in a vision, rather embrace uncertainty and fluidity, movement and change as a constant unfixed intention to live openly, purely, without judgement but with a heart filled with love.

If you can do that you will live well indeed.

Here are the Quotes:

Freeing oneself from words is liberation.

Source: Bodhidharma


It would be…heartless terror. Yes. Terrible, and…Very great. To shed your skin, every old skin, one by one and then walk away, unencumbered, into the morning.”
Source: Tony Kushner

When we come to literature, we find that, though it conforms to the rules of grammar, it is yet a thing of joy; it is freedom itself. The beauty of a poem is bound by strict laws, yet it transcends them. The laws are its wings. They do not keep it weighed down. They carry it to freedom. Its form is in law, but its spirit is in beauty. Law is the first step toward freedom, and beauty is the complete liberation which stands on the pedestal of law. Beauty harmonizes in itself the limit and the beyond – the law and the liberty.”

Source: Rabindranath Tagore

With Love




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