A WHALE OF A LIFETIME! Journal of Noy #32

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I had one of the most wholesome and wonderful encounters with some of the majestic sweet creatures of the deep. It was worth the sunburn; a trip worth more than just a trip.

Whale Jumping
Whale of a Good Time

Look at this magnificent flipper! Isn’t he splendid? Indeed … he’s awesome, and wholesome!

As against my previous sad (whale) blog, this is what I’d then term a real merry post. I had the most beautiful dalliance with the angels of the deep waters. This is just one of them. The most unique … it was divine!

A little story before I go ahead with this most enthralling day.

From late mid-July to mid-November, the majestic Humpback whales start their journey to north leaving their cold and chilly waters of the South Polar Region. These gentle giants migrate between their feeding grounds of Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef. This is where they mate, breed and feed their young calves. One major reason for their migration is to be able to give birth in warm waters. as their young are born with no blubber  Blubber is layers of fat which protects whales from icy waters. North Queensland waters are one of the best play ground for roughly 5,000 migrating whales for a lot of reasons: Not only because of the temperate climate but also to keep them safe from the shark attacks. This special breeding ground is like a huge playground where they can nurture their young, frolic, play and prepare for their long journey back to the Antarctic waters. While these Humpbacks are on their 5-month ‘holiday’, they don’t feed. They wait until they get back to their territory (The Antarctic) and start their regular massive feeding of up to 1,500 kg. of krill each day. That is one reason why they have that enormous capability to look after their young (enough milk to stabilize them until they reach their destination … back home).

These glorious marine animals are highly intelligent and are as inquisitive as we humans are. They are hyperactive and tireless acrobatic whales. They can throw themselves completely out of the water with their backs with both flippers in the air. When they are in their best moods, they will interact with boats/vessels and show off their spectacular display of breaching, blowing and tail slapping using their pectoral fins. And they sometime do this synchronistic act in pairs: All done with grace. They can sing the loveliest symphony … I think that is their way of communicating. How very cool is that. As I’ve seen one in one of the whale documentaries, it was stated that it might take more than a decade to unravel the mystery behind these majestic creatures.

Now back to the recap of that unforgettable day. We set off in the morning through the shimmering blue waters of Queensland, cruising out of the canals and along the most famous pristine beaches of the coast. Not very far from the river opening (connecting it to the deeper part of the ocean), we were already fortunate enough to have spotted a young Humpback calf quietly soaking. Not very far in the other side were local fishermen (hobby fishing) who were as delighted seeing this solitary young calf having a time of his life.

In less than two hours  we were to see the pods in their ‘rented place’ where they could do their regular rituals. I decided to stay put on the deck (in the front) to marvel at the beauty of the full horizon as we jetted out of  ‘civilization’. I’ve always been fascinated by the vast blue skies while on the ground (the outdoors and in our backyard, most times). But being in this seemingly infinite open wide space, it gave me a sense of peacefulness within, and selflessness … as if I’m bounded by a different time capsule; as if there’s no time and, unbounded by space. I let the constant rough winds play with my face … leaving it a bit numb; at the same time, being bitten occasionally by the nearing midday sun. I didn’t mind. It needs some rejuvenation. My dark goggles protecting, I didn’t have qualms directing my gaze straight to the hazy sun (the glimmering Cialis Professional clouds were at my mercy!). As I look up through the sparkles of raw rays, I did my own special rituals. Inhaling as much fresh salty air into my lungs … filling it up with as much invigorating molecules … it’s like practicing an internal healing for every chamber … making each strand refreshed and rejuvenated. I’ve long needed this! Looking up all around the vastness in this little universe neither time nor space), having a symbiotic dalliance with whatever is within. I feel like I’m by myself as I do all these sacred rituals. Water splashing   me was like a sprinkling of holy water, washing all the negative entities and replacing them with positive molecules … encapsulating me with newness … a new self so filled up with vibrancy and fuelled energy. Such a surge was unstoppable: A force of flowing energy. I was all filled up-a great feeling indeed–a surreal feeling. It was grand!

Switching on just like a flick, we arrived at our destination. We had such a great reception and were not disappointed. A large pod of these playful gentle giants were abounding. They must have been waiting restlessly and can’t wait to start their performance. They did their usual circling around the boat, occasionally stopping to curiously look at us. Mysterious and magical. In between lunch, we had been entertained by their ‘SPLASHtacular’ show; a display of amazing acrobatic dives by these lovely creatures. The tail-up dives were the most alluring. And they did it within just few metres off our boat, you could almost touch them. Never mind the heavy splashes. It was splendid outpours from the heavens. I was (and everyone, I believe) in awe of how tireless yet graceful these beautiful animals are. And of course, they love to do it with their partners … in their most graceful synchronistic way. And our imagination did not end there. Nothing could stop their next manoeuvre. It was fabulously great! I think, they too, are one of the best people pleasers. They seem to know what is going on around and in turn never fail to entertain. Tail slapping, tail lobbing, spy hops and unlimited breaches we have ever seen! Breathtaking!


It had been a never-ending fun and exquisite one-of-a-kind entertainment. Never to be repeated. Maybe it will … but not the same exact formation and delivery. It was such a delightfully magical day and incomparably great entertainment.

As if it was never enough,a few pairs of these adorable Humpbacks even followed our vessel … still frolicking with gusto … delighted to have pleasantly entertained us. Thus, the farewell acrobatic display, once and for all, just before we jetted out. We were running out of the scheduled return time (one hour delay!). They seemed to have understood our haste. Few of them went some 25 metres off the sides of our boat, for us to still see them in their final magical splashes; like a swan song. It was just so touching, Immensely touching. I was sort of sad: Farewelling us, it was such an intense feeling. What a day!

Half-way to our starting point, we were greeted by a school of bottlenose dolphins. Their appearance was like a dessert from our main meal (whale show!). Like the whales, these adorable creatures playfully cruised under the boat, pairs appearing in unison in both sides of the vessel. They enjoyed playing with the waves as produced by our boat. I think it gives them pleasure to feel these unusual waves (as compared to the regular waves in the boat’s absence). Such a magnificent display once more. As I looked at them (less than 2 metres off the boat), they must still be pre-schoolers – young and playful and unmindful of what’s going on. Oh, and they could produce such a high-pitched sound. They just enjoyed whirling their way under the boat and reappearing just few metres from us. We didn’t have the chance to stop any longer as we were far behind the scheduled return time. But we were just as happy seeing them track our boat. They must have followed us as far as 5 kilometres; always making sure that they were ahead of our boat. Very interesting brood. Lovely and charming and adorable. A breathtaking view. Hah … I could only sigh.

How good would it be to see these magnificent precious jewels of the sea … every day. See, apart from these animals’ beauty and charm, they most definitely do have healing powers within. I actually feel like I’m healed. It was indeed a healing day. From the time we moved into the deeper green of these boundless waters up to the time when we had this amazing encounter with these incredible gentle giants of the ocean. It was daunting and I was haunted. A real precious treat. Most pleasant and priceless!

Such was the completion of my day; Akin to the completion of my life, unfathomable as the deepest sea: Magical as these mysterious animals: Boundless as the vast blue horizons. I think I’ve just discovered my main challenge. And I did beat it. My soul had been rekindled, my spirits had been nurtured, my mind had been cleared and my physical self had been rejuvenated. It was a challenge. And I braved and dared it! Tomorrow is just another day … of challenge. As certain as when each day comes. It’s going to be as easy … because life itself is a challenge. Without it, it’s just going to be boring and dull! It’s not living … it is just plain existing!

I chose to live, not just exist. Let’s make our life more interesting, folks … LIVE!

Keep smiling … I do,


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