Your Work Is to Discover Your Work: Buddha Quote

Your Work

Your work
is to discover your work
and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.

Source: Buddha

When I look around I can see people who have discovered their work and given themselves over to it. They are living out loud. Others follow a reluctant path uncertain whether they are doing their work. Their stride is often broken by doubt. Then there are those who do the work of someone else, who either have not looked or do not know how, or where, to look to discover their work.

The task set by Buddha is not easy.

The everyday rush of life can bury any inspiration to seek one’s purpose. The necessities of putting food on the table, providing a roof overhead, and fulfilling obligations to family and friends, leaves you deplete of any energy to devote to seeking something as ethereal as one’s purpose.

Someone has to do the dishes or mow the lawn.

However, satisfaction comes from turning on the light of one’s work.

When Buddha found his work, he illuminated the world.

Let your spark illuminate your world.

Have a wonderful Monday.


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