Paying Respect to A Holy Congregation: Diary Of Noy

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Noy is a very good friend of mine I have never met. I’ve spoken to her on the phone, we’ve email back and forth and followed each others work. Noy is an unadulterated enthusiast for life. Her words tumble out in a riot of color and hues and joy. I swear she is responsible for half the posts on Facebook. She is deeply involved in several project on Facebook , perhaps you’ve heard of them: Buddha Bless and The Divine Love Train.

Here in this Journal entry she is paying respects to a holy congregation.



Paying Respect to a Holy Congregation

By Noy

I saw the most beautiful sky galore earlier in the afternoon. My dog and I were walking in the woodland; I was nudged for some reason – I looked up and was presented with a truly exhilarating scene. The huge billowy cottons were performing one of their most spectacular displays. The big chunks of clouds decided to disperse and played with the rest of their counterpart white waves. I was startled by its variations of form, almost a copy of the rest … overlapping like waves in the ocean – parted in hundred equal halves. The sky’s blueness was totally dominated by its brilliance of whites. It was so engaging; I had to put a halt to my brisk walk. I stopped and stooped. It was like paying respect to a holy congregation, at the same time immersing myself into a surge of joyousness whilst soaking up with its magic. It was so breathtaking. Sombre and surreal!

Sunset Painted on Water

And as if the day was not totally over yet. As the sun started to do its loyal duty of giving way to the blissful dusk, another breathtaking sky panorama emanated. It didn’t want to leave me with just half of its magical stunt undone. I was in total awe of what transpired next. The skies were fully lit with golden-pinkish touch – a jubilant jewel in the late afternoon’s crown. As the lazing sun was just minutes away from its final destination, the white billowy cottons were completely transformed into a majestic gilded giant skyscape. The western part of the horizon looked fire-lit, laced in soft tones whilst the opposite side was at its most solemn subdued hues of light salmon >>> the whole sky canopy slowly fading to its peaceful dimness’’ – calmly exiting, one portion at a time. Indeed, a spell-binding magical show at its boundlessness. It was indeed grand and I feel like one of the richest people in time. What a joy! Another serene soliloquy as I get lulled to a splendid dreamtime. Peace!

Keep smiling … I am,


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