Getting in the Now with Flowers: Inspire #9

 I am inspired by a simple bouquet of flowers. For me they are  ambassadors of beauty and love. They are messengers of hope when the world seems to be a gloomy place. They can bring a smile to almost any face. Just the other day I went out and picked this odd assortment of flowers from my garden. 

A bouquet of flowers
Flowers from my garden

 A simple display like this cheers up the place so well, especially sitting under the flood of light in the evening. These are mainly flowers that self seed, floxgloves, fever few, a type of flowering sage. I just trimmed them and put them in the jug with water.

The arrangement brought people to attention Viagra Jelly or consciousness. When you saw that bouquet there was no way you could stay worrying in the past or fretting about the future. You just came into the present moment to enjoy their beauty and simplicity and the magic they brought into the kitchen.

I know from my conversations with people they have a difficult time meditating and staying focused.  While they see the benefit of living their life in the moment, how to get there is a struggle. Flowers naturally bring you into a state of grace. The old saying, ‘stop and smell the roses’ was just another way to get you to step outside of your busy hurly burly world, to relax and let go for a moment, all of your cares and worries and woe. Stop in admiration of a miracle. Let flowers be an inspiration to you, a message in the morning when you wake up, a message when you go down stairs to make the coffee, a message when you come home at night to  beauty under the lights. 

Another arrangement from the garden.  

Flower bouquet
Another arrangement from the garden

Here you see another simple arrangement of flowers. This time I used some asparagus fern from my asparagus patch, some lovely dark green hosta leaves and some hydrangea flowers. 

You don’t need a fancy course in flower arranging . You don’t need to torture flowers into some artistic arrangement. Flowers just do that naturally if you let them. 

That took me a few minutes to go out into my evening garden and snip here and there, pull out a vase, and plonk them in. 

Voila an instant “Now” moment. 

Your Assignment: 

1. Find some neat cheap vases. It’s amazing what you find when you look around. NO! I will restate that go out and look for cheap vessels to hold flowers. Be creative and have fun. 

2. Go out and buy a few bouquets of flowers if you don’t have a garden. During the winter we where bless here with the best tulips for dirt cheap…5 for 2.99.  Again you don’t have to spend allot of money. But put flowers in your budget every week. (Buying flowers is fun too.) 

3. Place them in your home where they can be seen and admired. 

4. Write in your journal how they make you feel. 

5. If you have trouble meditating, or getting focused. Bring a bouquet of flowers into you quiet place and meditate on their beauty, on the miracle of their color and form. 

6. Give flowers. 

By doing these simple, inexpensive things your will bring a new joy, a new trill, a new adventure into you life that will pay you back so much more than you expend to get them that your life will change as well. If you can’t make it to Sedona on a spiritual weekend, just buy some flowers, sniff deep, exhale, relax. You’ll be getting in the “Now” with flowers. 

Nick Grimshawe 

The SunShine Guy: I am passionate about bringing more sunshine into your life.

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