A Sunrise in Every Moment: A Quote on a New Morning by George Woodberry

HOme, Sky, Land

Photo Courtesy of Pauline DeForest: Home, Sky and Land

Old times” never come back and I suppose it’s just as well. What comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that’s better.

Source: George E. Woodberry

How could I resist this quote? “A new morning every day in the year!” What could be better? That’s what Beautiful Summer Morning is all about: the potential that each new day brings, the cusp between the dawn and sunrise.

As I flew back home the other night I saw the sunset twice, because in essence the plane was chasing the Sun. I made particular note of that event. I recalled something an astronaut said about seeing many sunrises and sunsets in one day. I forget how many. What struck me about that, as I sat in the cabin of the plane, 38,000 feet above the planet, was the change in perspective available to the astronaut from experiencing only one sunrises a day to experiencing many sunrises each day. I thought that made a good analogy for putting a sunrise in every moment of your day!

The space between each moment is potential, the new day, and the moment is the living in some form of that potential. If you could truly experience that, what a powerful force that would be in your life.

Your practice today is to put as many new sunrises in the stillness that is the space between each moment as you can.


Pause every so often in your day and visualize the sunrise in what ever manner inspires you, over a mountain with the sunlight suddenly flooding a green valley, or for me, the sunrise over the curvature of the earth. Try to do that at least ten times.

Send me an email (use the comment section below) on how you did and how that made you feel. I am interested in your feelings.

Be where the sun always rises,


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