101 Simple Personal Growth Exercises For the Busy Entrepreneur: Exercise # 1

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Are you having a good day? Do you feel good? Do you have a positive mind set? Are you ready to charge the barricades?

How you relate to the day is all about how you set up your day to begin with. You control that. You are responsible for how

your day unfolds.


Start Your Day

Exercise #1

Clap your hands.

This is one of those deceptively simple exercises. You might even laugh at the idea…but it takes no time to do…and sets a positive mind frame for a day of surfing on the computer or at the beach.

Shortly after you wake up, and before you get out of bed. Clap your hands together and say out loud, “I’m having a great day.”

That’s it…that’s everything. This is the first self-development technique I learned at the hands of a very famous coach…and I still use it every morning.

This simple action starts the process of creating your day in a positive way.

I told you, you wouldn’t believe it…it’s too simple. It couldn’t possibly work! What I want you to bear in mind is that 1% possibility I talked about in the last email. As you learn these ten techniques you will find they create a cycle of positive reinforcement, each day building on the next.


This might not seem to do anything at first, I just ask you to do the exercise anyway. Slowly you will begin to see a change in your mental attitude. And when you see how it connects to what you do as your wrap up from the night before you will understand the power of creating your day rather than the day dictating to you.

Tomorrow we will talk about another simple exercise that comes in the form of a introspective question?

Until we meet again

Be Inspired

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