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If you, like me, are seeking a better life, a richer life, a fuller life, a life filled with joy and magic then reading the 9 articles below are for you.  The articles are written by the new leaders in the self -awareness field. Each article offers you  tips you can apply directly to your life. At the end of each article is a code. Collect all nine codes and your name will be entered to win a $25.00 Amazon.com Gift Certificate.

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http://beautifulsummermorning.com/contact-us/ and enter your codes into the body of the email. If you can’t find the code, then use the last word in the article.  Each correct entry will be collected and one name will be drawn to win the $25 Gift Certificate. The contest ends on July 15, 2011. The winner will be announced here on July 16 2011. Please include a contact email address.

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9 Solutions For Living a Richer Life

Alexandria Barker





Alexandria Barker’s point of expertise is the Law of Attraction: In her post she offers you a very simple technique you can use to alleviate physical pain, emotional upset and stress and a host of daily fears we all face.

Her article is called:  What is EFT .  Alexandria demonstrates the process for you in video.

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Nancy Battye





Nancy Battye  is a personal life coach and conducts many online seminars where she interviews  some of the top self-growth people in the world.

Nancy’s  article, Our Beliefs About Ourselves, talks to the importance of taking responsibility for your life. If you find yourself in a blame game, or wondering why bad things keep happening to you, even though you are a good person you need to read this article. Nancy gives you tips on how to start the process of taking responsibility for your life.

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Sherry Richert Belul






Sherry has a delightful website called Simply Celebrate. Sherry is also a coach. She provides awareness coaching coupled with goal setting to create powerful conversations that can change your life.

Her article is titled:  Top Five Regrets People Make on Their Deathbeds. Now it doesn’t sound very uplifting but go and read the article because it is very motivating and Sherry gives you a little exercise to do so you can avoid making those regrets.

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Kathleen Cleary





Kathleen focuses on helping woman entrepreneurs with online copy writing and marketing strategies. She also writes compelling articles for the same audience to help them stay on track.

In her article: Accessing the Power of Gratitude, Kathleen offers 6 great tips on how to get the Power of Gratitude working for you.

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Inga Deksne



Inga Deksne is a motivational life coach living in London England.

In her article, Start Making Changes in Your Life, Inga offers a great tool for you to use to get sorted out in the most important areas of your life. She even provides a  link for you to use to download her coaching tool for further use. Inga like me, enjoys creating coaching forms that are easy and simple to use but trans-formative for those who use them.

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Don Kreuter




Don Kreuter is a top notch Photographer and I am delighted to share his unique approach to practicing patience. The article: California Wildflowers, is about the importance of using patience to capture the very best photograph. Yet it is also a  very instructive article simply about patience and how practicing patience brings many rewards.

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Julia Neiman





Julia Neiman is  a parenting expert with an emphasis on creating a stress free discipline strategy that uses compassion to teach children how to manage their own behavior.

In Julia’s Article: Teaching Spirituality to Children Encourages Deeper Connections and Reduces Stress in the Family, Julia combines history, the law of attraction and some great tips on teaching spirituality to children.

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Vincent Orlando





Vincent Orlando  assists people in bringing childhood enthusiasm and wonder back into their adult lives. If you’ve read Julia’s article you know why that’s important.

Vincent has taken a slightly different approach and created two articles. One article poses the question and the other article answers the question. His articles: Question: How do you Mend a Broken Heart and Answer: How do you Mend a Broken Heart deal with a very healing subject. But of course you will need to read to find out what that subject is.

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Linda Stirling





Last but definitely not least we have the lovely Linda Stirling. Linda started DreamKeepersUniversity.com to help people find their life’s purpose. She works with conscious entrepreneurs to help them create financial abundance.

In Linda’s article: Life’s Challenges, Linda sets out some important questions to ask yourself when you are confronted by challenges in your life.

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