The Wheelchair as a Vehicle of Transformation: Sunday Inspirational Video # 228

I want to take a moment to dedicate this video to someone special. When I worked at The Bay in Surrey British Columbia, a lovely woman often came through the store. Wheelchair bound she always showed a beautiful smile and a wonderful attitude. She never complained.  She always looked happy and content. I never got to know her name, though I did make it my business to greet her when I saw. I loved her wonderful upbeat personality. She led by example. The speaker in this video reminds me of her completely. They displayed the same attitude, the same joy of life.

Take a look at this amazing woman and her undersea…that’s right…undersea adventure in a wheelchair.




I hope you enjoyed this amazing talk. Please let me know and leave a comment.

Until we meet again: Be Inspired,

Nick Grimshawe.



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Video Three

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