Traveling the Universe on a Bus

Buses are a common means of traveling by road.
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In the wee hours of the morning on February 5, I had this dream.

I got on a bus. As I mounted the stairs to walk by the driver, who was sitting at the front of the bus,in  her favourite spot, because she loves to talk to the bus driver: my Mum. Now this is curious because my Mum passed away almost three years ago.

As soon as she saw me she reached out her hand and said my name. She was so excited to see me she starting chatting right away. She told me about all the new bus routes that where coming up, how they were going to take her to different places, and how excited she was about those prospects.

I think she was traveling with a friend, though in the dream I couldn’t see that person clearly.

Way to soon I had to get off the bus because my stop was coming up so I said goodbye and stepped off the bus with a whole rumble of emotions.

At that point I woke up from by dream. It’s was about ten after five in the morning. As I laid there in my bed going over the dream which was still vivid in my mind, and still is, days later, I reflected on the meeting.

The dream had left me with some strange emotions, one of sadness, one of happiness that she seemed to be fine and doing something she loved to do all her life, travel, especially by bus. I was also curious why this morning, I had a dream about my Mother.

Mum sitting with Day in a garden

Then it hit me, like a very hard rock. February 5th is my mother’s birthday. Before that moment it had not crossed my mind. I hadn’t thought about it at all.

That of course set off a whole new round of emotion and a few tears for what was past.

Later relating it to someone at work, I got all emotional again.

That evening I got to reflect on it all again and I realized what a special gift I had received: to be able to chat to my Mum on her birthday and know that she was doing just fine and riding the buses all over the universe doing what she loved…talking to people and traveling.

Now I know my Mother isn’t literally traveling around the universe on a bus. We receive messages from the universe, or source, in a way our minds can comprehend them.

This reminds Brand Viagra me of something I read somewhere about how North American Indians, on the beach , looking out at sea, could not see the ships of Columbus because they had no concept what so ever that such huge objects could be there.

So the message from the universe, that my Mum was fine came to me in terms that I could understand.

This brings me to the whole point of this article: pay attention to what is happening around you so that you will be ready for the messages the universe is sending you on an almost daily basis.

The more aware you are, the more conscious, the more you live in the present, the more messages you will receive. These messages will put the magic into your life and surprise and delight you.

For me they are confirmation that I am on course on my journey through this wonderful experience called life.

I am listening.

Thank You.

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