Are You Living “On Purpose”?

The purpose of a butterfly: Be a symbol of hope. By Pauline DeForest

If you don’t decide what your life is about, it defaults to what you spend your days doing.
Source: Robert Brault

That question is really an important¬† tool for me to find out if people recognize they have a purpose while also assessing if they use that gift of purpose to live it in their daily lives. Often when I ask a person what their purpose is I either get a blank stare or a sort of fuddled vague response that clearly hopes I won’t be pursuing that question further. Too many people simply have not considered the importance of purpose in their lives… or they regurgitate some form of religious dogma they really haven’t thought through or made their own.

Knowing your Life Purpose is a gift…like a divine guide, that can walk you through the mind fields of life.

When you are faced with decisions that seem daunting knowing your life purpose can help you reach a decision. For example if you are face with decision about moving to take on a new job but will be required to leave many old friends behind, you can weigh the move based on your life purpose. Will the move forward your life purpose or hinder you from living your life purpose? If you discover on your exploration of this question that moving will give you a larger audience for your message, or give you the ability to more fully live your life on purpose, then to walk away from that opportunity would be to set you on a path away from that purpose…and into a live that will begin to lack the brilliance living “on purpose,” brings.

Finding that purpose, however, can be a challenge.

It’s not that anyone lacks purpose…we are born with purpose. Some people know instinctively from birth what that purpose is and their lives reflect that in a¬† straight unswerving path to fulfillment while others drift, sometimes hopelessly, all their lives.

You wouldn’t build a house without a foundation…why then is it okay to build a life without one?

We don’t teach these things in school. We don’t go to workshops as we are growing to help us discover what is dormant within us…the thing that will steer and guide us for the best part of our journey.

So how do you find your Life Purpose.

I came to the discover of my life purpose in my 50’s so it’s never to late to discover why you are here, and to love that why as fully as possible in the construct of your life.

I found my purpose and wrote my mission statement through a series of accidents (read by divine intervention) at a time when I was really struggling to find my way forward.

Later, once I saw the startling effects of knowing my life purpose…I synthesize those steps into a course called “Finding Your Life Purpose “.

If your need help in discovering you Life Purpose this is the course for you, and it includes a 1/2 hour coaching session with me to help brainstorm the correct wording and mission statement.

The course has five modules that you work on over time with exercises designed to help you discover what that purpose is.

Again it’s not that you don’t have one…you do… we all do, we just need a process to uncover what it is.

The course is $27.97. The coaching alone is worth $100.

You can register for the course by clicking the banner below.


A being without an aim in life, or not possessing the requisite concentration of purpose
to assist him in resisting temptation, is like a cork floating upon the water, driven hither
and thither by every wind that blows.

Source: Karl G. Maeser


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