Blogapalooza What is it?

Blogapalooza is the brainchild of fellow blogger, Robert Hruzek from Middle Zone Musings. The concept is simple: you are invited as a blogger to post twelve articles from your blog on what you learn for the year. This year 128 bloggers participated so you can imagine the number of links this creates for everyone.

Now Karen Hanrahan from Best of Mother Earth has posted the entire list of participants, which you can browse for interesting content.

In the spirit of linking I suggest you follow the link to her site to take a look. You’ll find this blog about half way down the list.

At Middle Zone Musings you can find more on the results of this years Blogapalooza.

What I Learned From Blogapalooza 2009

I want to thank Robert for creating this link party and for giving the pleasure of going through my post for the year and seeing just how much I accomplished.

And just for the fun of it all here are the twelve articles I posted.

January 2008, I Saw an Angel

February 2008 Recollections of My Mother, Of her Floral Skirt:

March 2008 A Sunrise Every Moment:

April: The Label Machine:

May : Mitch Albom Quote on Meaning of Life:

June: Un-sticking My Mind :

July: Segment Intending from The Law of Attraction

August: Poems are Entities

September: A New Life: Familiar Heroes

October Read, Write, Listen

November : Inspirational Leadership: The Three Keys

December: Cialis Jelly The Best Inspirational Books of 2008

So take a look around and browse some of the other blogs. You’ll find lots of inspirational reading.


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