I Don’t Have Time to Meditate! Well Now You Do: Meditation Monday

One of the biggest obstacles I encounter when talking to people about meditation is, you guess it, time. Clearly lack of time is an excuse…a way to not commit, a way to avoid doing something that might feel uncomfortable or even silly…a way to hold onto that nice cushy comfort zone you’ve created for yourself most of your life. Why change now…I don’t have time for this.

On this blog you will find lots of short guided meditations….from 4 minutes to ten minutes long…but still people deferred due to time.

Well I just ran across this video….on how to meditate in a moment. Only one snag…you will have to watch also six minutes of video to learn how to meditate in a moment…..a good trade-off I think.

People also really complicate meditation. This video takes that way as well.

So if you’ve heard about all the health benefits of meditation…but just didn’t have the time to do it…well the time problem is solved. Watch the video and start meditating in the moment.



Let me know how you did with this…did it handle your “time issue”. If it didn’t I’d like to know why it didn’t…because I am very interested in understanding what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

Until we meet again:

Be Inspired


Nick Grimshawe


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