“We Deserve A Future” Placard at a Spanish Protest Rally

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“Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest.
You sow in tears before you reap joy.”

Source: Ralph Ransom

I don’t usually make a political comment and I don’t intend to here except as a way to illustrate an important subject.

The heading above was taken from a placard of a protester against the austerity measures imposed by the Spanish Parliament. The reason I bring this up is not to debate the merits of the Spanish government’s austerity measures but to illustrate a common belief that we are entitled to something without the necessity of doing the work.

In the case of the Spanish protester, they believe that society, or more likely government, some how
owe a future to them, rather than this protestor owing himself a future through his own efforts.

We see this in the metaphysical world as well, especially around the Law of Attraction. You see a lot of
people saying well “The Law” didn’t work for me. I did the affirmations for weeks…but nothing happened.”

While using affirmations as part of a daily practice is a powerful tool, they cannot of themselves carry the
burden of transformation that must come from within. Affirmations are prescription cialis generic only part of the process, we need
to do “the work” of transformation, which means rolling up your sleeves and digging around in the cellar of
the soul to route out in grained programs that are set by default to defeat us at every turn.

When you say an affirmation there is an intention behind it. For instance the affirmation: “I am excited now
that I am an extremely wealthy member of society.” The intention behind the affirmation is to become that
wealthy person. Unfortunately as we say that affirmation we run into counter intentions, intentions that
are designed to keep you where you are. I am sure you have heard them.

When you say “I am excited now that I am an  extremely wealthy member of society”, immediately your
brain says, “what are you taking about, you can even make your next rent payment,” “who are you kidding
you don’t have a dime to your name” and all that other stuff that comes bubbling up from the analytical brain to
dispute your statement.

Until you can assimilate those counter intentions your affirmations will not carry the power and force
of a truly pure intention.

Does that mean you just give up.


The more you say your affirmations the more you begin to change those contradictory beliefs.

The more you “do the work” through some form of daily endeavor, the closer you come to achieving
your dreams and aspirations.

But you have to do the “WORK”.

Buddha did not become enlightened overnight, though enlightenment came in one brilliant moment of attainment.

Here are a few suggestions for making your affirmations more powerful.

1. You must write each affirmation out three times by hand.
2. You must say them aloud every morning at least three times at the start of the day.
3. You must repeat them to yourself through out the day, as often as you can.
4. Don’t use affirmations that look impossible to your from your current situation, but use an affirmation that
could possibly be within your grasp. For instance if you want to have an income of 1,000,000 a year and you currently
make 40,000 try an intermediate step and have a affirmation  that gives you  a 60,000 income.
5. When you see a result from an affirmation celebrate the heck out of it with yourself. Point to your success as
a manifestor. This will add new power to your other affirmation.
6. Start a daily practice of self growth.( See Below at my offer.)

Finally,don’t  wait for the future you deserve: Live in the moment you deserve right now.

Do the work.

With Love


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