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Nick Grimshawe
Nick Grimshawe


When I tried to tell a story to fast my Mother always said, begin and the beginning. Since I was such a good little boy, I will do just that. I’ve been hanging around this planet now for 59 years!

I was born in London, England, in 1949 while they still had ration cards after the war. Typical of my style, I was born out of wedlock. I have this thing about taking the traditional path what ever that might be.

I immigrated to Canada with my family in 1957 and settled down to a crazy roaming life through much of southern Ontario. My Dad had a bit of a short fuse at times and didn’t hesitate to tell the boss where to go if things got a little ugly, which they often did. I loved it. The adventure to a new place and a new home made me giddy. We changed homes about five or six times in the first few years we lived in Canada. Since my Dad was a Dairy Hand, we lived on farms. I remember one farm house we arrived at which had a great big hole in the wall the size of a garage door. Mum cried that day and bemoaned her fate. My sisters and I didn’t think much about it, we were having way too much fun exploring and the hole in the wall was just part of the fun. Kinda shows that kids are a lot tougher than we give them credit for.

We finally settled down in a farm house on the 5th side road off the 4th line of Alliston Ontario. This became “home” for all of us. My three sisters, by this time, and me, came to maturity in this place we were gifted with. The rent I remember was fifty dollars a month, and there where months that Mum and Dad had trouble coming up with that much money. The house had four bedrooms. Being the only male child, I got my own room, my sisters shared cause by then Grandma and Granddad where living with us too. They helped pay the rent quite often. You get the picture that money was an issue at times. But we never ever felt poor, at lease us kids didn’t. We had a huge yard to play in, a vegetable garden the size of most city lots these days, a couple of barns to build hay forts in, and fields to rove in and woods to explore. It really was heaven.

I finished high school and headed for chef school where I learned I really didn’t want that as a career. After a couple of years I drifted away and wandered. It was the sixties. I spent some time in New York City and a long time in LA, and traveled back and forth around the United States of America. I believe wandering from farm to farm and then across America, taught me to love where I am. I love New York, and for many reason, too many to go into here, LA became my spiritual home where I first saw “the Great Way”. During that time I took a moment to father a son who, after a rocky journey, is now a very special person in my life.

From there I wandered off to the West Coast, found the love of my life and began to well, wander. The I-5 corridor from the Canadian border at Blaine Washington to the Hollywood Hills became my play ground. The Oregon coast is my favorite place in the world.

I finally settled down in Mission, British Columbia, without a doubt, gods country. (Frankly, I haven’t seen a place I didn’t like.) Here my wandering took a different track as I began to really search for my purpose. At the ripe age of 57 I found it and thus came the creation of http://www.beautifulsummermoning.com  and my subscriber based Inspirational Quote of the Day.

I feel the door opening to my awakening. Each day seems filled with more excitement than the day before. Realization is followed by realization. I can’t remember a time when I have been as excited as this. I am out on the Great Wide Way, seeking to marry my inner being with the soul of the universe. I am happy to tramp along the dusty path crowded with the music of other travelers and with the cries of strange animals. In the distance I hear the clash of cymbals and the call of the flute. And in the evening around a shared fire there is much laughter and telling of stories and sighing at the stars.

Nick Grimshawe.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My friend, Mitch of I’m Just Sharing, recommended your blog as one of is “Top Ten” and because I trust him, I hopped over to see if he has the taste I think he does.

    He does. 😉

  2. Hi Nick, loved your story. There are so many parallels to my own that I found myself smiling before I was half through. Connect with me on SelfGrowth.com (I’m on LinkedIn too) and and hold tight to your course. I think you’ve found your path. Malana Ashlie

  3. Malana, Thanks for your comments they are appreciated. I will definately connect with you, I look forward to reading more and connecting and sharing stories.


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