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3 thoughts on “Support

  1. The “Skylight” video is awesome, Nick.
    I wrote this recently and thought you might like it.


    Thickened, cracking cloud,
    Portals to the heavens
    A stained glass window
    Light shines through;
    Thin veils revealing
    Kaleidoscopes of colour
    A mosaic
    Billowing pillows
    Patterns in perpetual motion;
    Layers of light
    Layers of dark
    A painter’s pallet
    A creation of art
    A tapestry
    A sea of waves
    Weaving across the oceans of sky;
    Fascinating facets of clouds.
    -©Terry Gorley-

  2. Thank you for your note, Nick. I had replied to a couple of your BSM newsletters and not gotten a response and realized you weren’t likely getting the notes. The latest was my condolences when Felix passed. I’m not on Skype, so I will just enjoy receiving your inspirational messages. Just know how much they are enjoyed and how much you have been appreciated. Painful experiences and changes in your life have not gone unnoticed.

  3. Terry, I am grateful for hearing from you. Thank you on your note regarding Felix. He is with me every morning, waging his tail and ready to go. He reminds me that each new day brings with in a new joy.

    The poem is beautiful,

    Thank you.

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