Prove to Me That Your Divine or The Miracle of the Dry Chair


Prove to me that you’re divine
Change my water into wine
That’s all you need do
Then I’ll know it’s all true

King Herod’s Song Jesus Christ Superstar.

I love eating outdoors, especially at breakfast. Just doing that puts me in the mood for miracles.

The other day when I came upstairs I checked outside. During the night a rainstorm came through. I expected to have to eat inside because the outside chairs would all be wet. But lo…(that’s biblical talk) the glass table which is easy to wipe dry, and 3 of the chairs were soaked. However the chair I sit it was dry as a bone hence: the miracle of the dry chair.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

I told my sister I share a house with, about my miracle. The first words out of her mouth were to suggest a logical , physical reason this had happened, and dismissing out of hand , the miracle. Later that evening I chatted to one of my other sisters on Skype, and I mentioned my miracle to her.

You can guess what happened next. Immediately she suggested that the over hang kept it dry. “But it wasn’t under the overhang, ” I said.

“Are you sure.” was her reply.

As humans we tend to try to explain away with some logical common sense reason instead of just living  the moment when we come face to face with a miracle.

I think there are other reasons why we try to dismiss the miracles that happen around us everyday.

1. They are not big enough to qualify as a miracle. The stories we hear about miracles growing up are big screen , big budget miracles used by God to demonstrate his omnipotent powers: the parting of the red sea, walking on water, water into wine, feed the thousands with a few loaves and fishes, that sort of  large-scale extravaganza.  Compared to that my miracle of the dry chair pales.

2. Miracles are the property of God and even if they did happen , they don’t happen now cause God doesn’t do that kind of work anymore. He/she retired from the miracle gig when they stopped attracting good ratings as the scientific method began to trend on social media.

3. It isn’t sanctioned by a religious institution as a miracle, like these things are hard to perform so you can’t go around just expecting them to happen all the time. Take the catholic church as an example, you can’t become an “official” saint unless you’ve preformed a miracle, but….and it a huge but… that doesn’t happened very quickly. You could be dead for hundreds of years before the committee that investigates these things actually verifies that you performed a miracle. And I hear the criteria is pretty tough. Of course it’s a bit of a miracle that a committee can sit for hundreds of years figuring out who qualifies, but then you might explain that is the nature of committees….no miracle there.

4. Three leads into this: the burden of proof, a problem that Jesus encountered when he stared in Jesus Christ Superstar and probably why committees tend to sit so long. How do you prove it was a miracle?

If this sounds way to complicated and you’re ready to give up on miracles , take a deep breath, throw out all the conventions you’ve heard about miracles , just let all the nonsense go, just for now: Let. It.  Go. You can do that right?

Take one more deep breath, let it out and look about you with new baby eyes and observe. I’ll bet you it’s not too long before you witness a new miracle. Miracles are all around us, little uncomplicated, explicit moments of sheer serendipitous, joyful events.

You think of a friend and they call. You ask the universe (God) a question and they answer almost right away. You start looking for red cars, and suddenly you see them every where. You’re on holidays thousands of miles from home, and you bump into your neighbor on the street next to your hotel. You need something to cheer you up and you see a perfect quote that makes you laugh.

You just have to look for them. It’s that simple. You don’t even have apply for sainthood to witness a miracle or perform one.

I do have a little exercise for you if you are willing to let go of the BS and just look for miracles.

Come back to this article after you’ve read it and tell us how long after reading this article you witnessed your first miracle and what that miracle was.

Remember it doesn’t have to be the parting of the Red Sea, or raising someone from the dead, though if you do happened to witness something like that be sure to take a picture and post in on Facebook, that will overcome any burden of proof.


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