Poisonous Patterns of Thinking or PPT’s



A great unfolding advances all around us. Our potential is a probability field of infinite possibilities. Awareness is the key to open the door which allows you to cross into the magical land where all things are possible for you [first name].

Everything is energy and that’s all there is. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.”

Source: Albert Einstein.

I threw that quote in if you thought I’d consumed one to many martinis over the weekend.

This brings me a step closer to my topic, but before I get there, let me add this juicy nugget: The Law of the Conservation of Energy which states that: “Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed…”

The law states more than that, however, for my purposes, that’s really all we need to know of that particular law.



Drum roll please.

Which means that you cannot create abundance. As abundance is energy as per Einstein, and since you can’t create it or destroy it, per the Law of Conservation of energy, if your goal is to create abundance you are in trouble.

So how do you bring abundance in your life?

You learn to tap into the incredible flow of abundance that rages all around you.

Einstein tells us how. You find the frequency of abundance and tune in.

To do that you need to use your key. Awareness.

Awareness is defined as ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns.

All of us store certain methods of operations, that dictate, unconsciously how we act, feel, think in any given situations. These patterns operate at the same level as our patterns for driving a car, largely outside out awareness. We don’t even think about how to steer a car and we’ve probably forgotten that we ever found the process of driving, challenging.

Those are the habits that Joe Dispenza refers to when he talks about “breaking the habit of being ourselves,” because that identity (ego) we think of as ourselves, is basically just a set of habits, that with will we can change.

This all sound rather technical I know. Just bear with me for a minute.

In the case of tapping into that immense flow of abundance that dances all around you, is a lot like learning a new dance step.

When we think or action or face a critical decision we can ask ourselves some very basic questions to break through the habit into the vortex that is the living breathing abundant universe.

Do you know what your typical method of operation is?

Do you operate from a habit of lack or from a habit of abundance?


Over this past year I’ve been digging out of my unconscious mind a whole host of thought habits expressed in terms of lack. Each time I discover one of these little poisonous gems, they move into my awareness, and their hidden power over me is diminished. Each time you spot one of those poisonous patterns of thinking, (PPT’s) you weaken their power to influence, and create the space for more of those PPT’s to surface. Eventually, the big ones, the really basic underlying PPT emerge like sudden flashes of light, of insight. At the same time, you strengthen your ability to tune into patterns of abundant thought. (PAT’s)

When you reach the tipping point you’ve found the frequency of abundance and always know where it’s located on the dial.

Like everything it takes a bit of practice and patience.

The starting point is a simple litmus test: “Am I acting from lack, or abundance?”

If the answer is lack.

“How do I change the action or PPT (poisonous pattern of thought) into a PAT (pattern of abundant thought)?

As you so this you begin to spot more and more of those habits that derive from lack and replace them with habits of abundance.

Then you can really begin the fun by going out of your way to find and break those patterns, which means exposing yourself to new ways of thinking, new methods of opening that infinite realm within and dance in the rainfall of abundance.

This year for instance I took a course call Prosperity Plus at a local Unity Center. I also came back to, time and time again, a course from Learning Strategies, called Abundance of Life, which teaches you to tap into the creative power of your unconscious mind to find answers and solutions using the resource you already available to you.

I love that course so much I will soon begin live workshops with a friend here in London on the principles found in Abundance for Life, bringing a long visualized dream into existence.

I credit that course, and some of the more esoteric exercises I’ve done over several years, for the constant expansion in the abundance I feel in my everyday world.

However vigilance is the price of freedom.

I highly recommend you listen in to the free audio plays for this Abundance Mindfest starting August 17th and if you can at all afford it, to purchase the complete course, which will serve as a constant source of inspiration and practical help to scale your abundance mind set.

As we grow in understanding of quantum physics we realize the vast potentiality open to us, a potentiality not based on some mystical hocus-pocus but on real evolving science.


“There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path.”

Source: Morpheus from The Matrix.


With Love

And in Abundance,








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