Monday Inspirational Digest #1 Links to the Best in Inspiration

Secret Steps
Secret Steps to Self Discovery

Over the course of every week, I read or scan a large number of articles that fall into the category of self growth. I seach out these articles to be inspired what others are writing. This give me a different perspective Kamagra jelly and new insights that help me grow and develop my own material.

It struck me yesterday that I should share with you the best material I find each week.

I can’t say that I will have enough material here each week, but every two weeks or so I should have some great links to share with you.

But you can help me too. My asking you to keep an eye out for great articles too and sending the links to:, I can select links that you enjoyed as well. And to top it all off, I have a prize for you for any of your links I select. So let me know when you run across an interesting self growth article and send me the link.

Here is this week selection.

These are links from my very favorite bloggers and I think you will be stimulated by what they have to say.

Finding the God of Your Understanding by Timethief

The Abundance Manifesto: Secret #1 by Dr Joe Vitale

There is No Separation by Robin Easton

Sunday Question- How Easily Do You Trust Others?  by Mitch Mitchell

Success Affirmations  by Drew Innes

Consciousness by Steve Pohlit

I would love to hear your comments. Just scroll down to the comment section and leave me a note.

With Love

Nick Grimshawe

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11 thoughts on “Monday Inspirational Digest #1 Links to the Best in Inspiration

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  3. Dear Nick, I am very honored to be included with these other wonderful bloggers, that touched me deeply. I have added some of the others to my RSS feed. I too loved TimeTheif’s article. It is powerful and really inspired me.

    And I LOVE what you are doing here. What a great idea! I too will keep an eye for you. This is also fun because it exposes us all to not only new bloggers, but new ideas and insights. Your blog always has a sense of great soothing calm or peace. I love that. Thank you Nick. I am SO grateful. Robin

  4. The honor is all mine. You do such a wonderful job with your blog, I love to visit and read, and follow. The idea for doing a “link” digest came to be after reading serveral good articles, one of them at Joe Vitale’s site. At the site he said I was welcome to copy the link to a website…and that started the old thoughts churning and I hit on the idea of the digest.

    I think it is a great way to let my readers know about the great content. I even posted the links in a couple of other places and will continue to do so over the week.

    And thank you! I am grateful our paths crossed on this grand adventure we are all on.


  5. Pingback: timethief
  6. Dear Nick,
    What an honor it is to find you included my post among your favorites. Thank you so much for finding enough value in it to include it here in yiour uplidting and lovely blog that I enjoy visiting so much.
    Love and peace,

  7. Hi timethief, You are very welcome. It occurs to me only now that I should have let everyone know what I was doing. I read your blogs and have a great respect for your work and your article address a very interest subject. How could I refuse?


  8. What a wonderfully kind reply Nick. I too am glad out paths cross. I ALWAYS go away feeling better that when I arrived, even when I already feel good, I still go from your site feel so alive, happy and just simply okay. 🙂

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