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Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter Monday July 02 2018

Volume 12 Issue 9

Beauty lets the light in

Spiritual Journeys

We are half way through the year as we enter the month of July. I’ve come in from a splendid hot summer day to spend some time with you talking about our spiritual journey because on the cusp of a new beginning (the second half of the year) it is a reflective time. A time to mull and ponder upon the great imponderables.

It is a time to ask simple questions of ourselves.

Questions about how aligned we are to what we love. Are we living our passions? Are we holding true to our purpose? Have we strayed away from our dream and feel a little lost?

Is something missing or are you full up to brimming over with life?
Are you light set free?

Can we look inside of ourselves and find the heavy spots, the places where our light is still trapped and not set free?
We are beings of light after all.

The heavy spots, the dark spaces, the crevasses of pain they are not us, they are the weights we’ve chosen to hold ourselves down.

Those weights are made up of our human fears, the fatal imaginings, of scars and hurts that we think define us. Instead they hold us to the heavy earth when all we need to do is float free.

Free all of Your Light

Our spiritual journey is our own deeply personal search amid illusions to find a way to free all our light.

Your spiritual journey probably looks like a zig-zagged maze of drunken wanderings, much like my own.
From any one point, looking back, we cannot find the sense in it. 

But when we turn around and look forward to a landscape we have yet to walk, our hearts fill with excitement at the adventures yet to come. We can feel the fresh breeze on our face, the sunlight streaming through the trees of this high plain.

There is time yet to do those things of our heart. There is time to dance in the silver light of the moon.
Take time from all the busyness to listen to the still sweet silence at our core where our higher self is ready to show us where to put our next step.

Take a moment now to feel gratitude, feel it well up from that tranquil center. Let it over whelm you with joy.

The beauty that you are is your light set free.

And for that we are all blessed and thankful.

With Love

Prosperity Affirmation for The Week

Everything I need is always at my fingertips.

Watch the Film A Course In Miracles

Inspirational Video For the Week

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