Kayaking in the Heart of God

 Editors Note: I published originally in our beautiful summer morning newsletter but the response I receive from my readers compelled me to share it here.

Not to long ago  I celebrated 2 full months of living in David Panama.  Gratitude fills my heart for everyone who helped me get here, and who have made my stay here so wonderful, like my next door neighbors, and my language professor at the academy of language where he patiently tries to get some Spanish into my head.

I also didn’t realize at the time that this amazing adventure happened the same day I celebrated my 2 month anniversary here.

I went Kayaking with professor Dario near his home in Pedregal which is the part of David close to the mouth of the river that flows into the Pacific ocean. What made it so special is the area is all mangroves and the river winds through and around all these mangrove islands.

This was the first time I’ve been out Kayaking, fortunately it was a two man kayak so I had some help from the professional behind me.

As we set out, we traversed the harbor then crossed the harbor to an entrance into the mangroves, that looked like a tunnel until you got up close. We followed a tributary of the river deep into the mangroves.

The sounds of the boats in and around the harbor faded away as we followed along the shore where the tangled roots of the mangrove were visible.

Then the magic happened. The water is so still that the mangroves are reflected deep into the water and as they close in from both sides of the river, you enter and illusionary world where you seem to float, like a magic carpet, in the air. The mangrove is above you and below you and all around.

All the sounds are magnified, the dripping of the water from the paddles, the screech of a bird, the splash of a fish that sends rings of sunlight out across the water.

For awhile we stop paddling and drifted.

We are still voices in the heart of God. The connection to source is profound, like a beating heart that we recognize slowly is our own.

I’m not sure  how long we were out on the water, about an hour I think.

We came full circle around a huge mangrove island. Ahead of us werethe docks and the activity of the port on a lazy Sunday morning.

Arriving back on the beach was like returning from an alien planet.

This trip came up out of the blue, when Dario suggested it last week. Another trip is in the making for a day trip to an island in the Pacific just off the Panamanian coast.

And my biggest lesson while I’ve been here, is to just go with the flow of life. I don’t feel compelled to be visiting every destination  I can while holding off the rush of time. Instead, I know, in faith , if it is intended that I go somewhere, the manifestation will arrive at the right and proper time.

It is a very peaceful way to live life.

Just as I was finishing witting these words my neighbor George, across the street, who I barely know,  brought o a huge bowl of seafood stew over for me for supper.

Life is truly magical.


With Love




I’m not sure I’ve ever dedicated an issue of this newsletter to someone, but I feel call to do so today. This is for Dario, for his heart, his generosity and his passion for his craft of language.

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