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Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter Monday March 26 2018

Volume 12 Issue 7

Happiness Quote from Marcus Aurelius

Inside Out: How the Universe is Your Reflection

 You probably thought I had forgotten you.  Not so. You are in my thoughts even when I’m not writing to you. 

And as I think of you, I also think about what I would like to talk with you about.

The topic today reflects my life here in Panama and I am sure mirrors your experiences as well.

Panama has taught me that I am truly an outdoors person. 

By that, I don’t mean someone who loves to be out tramping through forest or camping in the wilds or someone who lives out on the frontier ready to challenge the elements and wrestle a hostile environment to its knees.

I like a comfortable bed and a good internet connection and fresh properly brewed coffee.

However, there is nothing like breakfast enjoyed in the sunshine. It makes the heart sing.

Even in the long rainy season houses here are constructed so that you can sit outside and enjoy whatever weather is happening.

But before any of that can happen, you must already be singing inside.

Let me digress for a minute.

In life, we all have those big moments of high adventure. Last year I walked over a mountain. This year its been out on an eco-tour on the Pacific coast, or just being god smacked at the utter beauty of Volcan and Cero Punta two mountain high villages that take the breath away. 

The big events in our lives become memories, treasured or not depending on circumstances.

But this is what made me think about this.

I said to a friend of mine one day when we were up in the mountains here, “if it wasn’t for the cold nights (remember everything is relative), I could live up here.”

He asked in response, “What would you do every day?”

“I would sit and watch the mountains and be utterly content.”

And that’s when I understood something really interesting.  At least I think it’s interesting and I hope you think so too.

See the big things in our lives become memories. That trip to Venice where you fell in love with Italian culture or climbing Kilimanjaro just to show that you could, or a Ski adventure to the Alps.

Just name one that stands out for you.

These adventures fulfill an important part of our nature. 

It wasn’t because we were timid that we climbed down from the trees and dared to live life on the broad savannas. 

We saw opportunity amid the dangers and chose to rise to the challenge .  In essence we’ve never stop coming down from the trees. 

It is why some of us are called forth to climb out of our gravity well and learn to live in the broad savanna of our solar system. 

But our life is mostly filled with those daily moments. Moments that if we are asked about them we would be hard pressed to recall one from another.


Adventure calls us forth to be present at the moment.

Our everyday experiences require no less of us.

And those day to day experiences are  the true mirror of what is within.

In the great moments, we are called forth.

It is in our quiet, daily moments of life that we can take a true measure of ourselves.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

Source: Henry David Thoreau

In the small hours of the night, when no one else is looking, we quietly project the universe we will see when we open our eyes.

And the biggest, most amazing thing about that is: it’s under our control. We have the power to change what we look at.

With Love


© Nick Grimshawe. 

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