How to View Everything as a Gift

Monday morning is the prefect time for a gratitude meditation like the one offered to you below.

Modern science clearly documents the benefits of a gratitude practice.

The benefits show up in two main areas


  • More creative
  • emotionally more resilient
  • greater sense of self worth


  • better sleep
  • stronger immune system
  • more energy

Coupled with the meditation I suggest you try this strategy to infuse your week with the emotion of gratitude.

After the meditation take a few moments to list out ten (or more) things from the last week you are grateful for.

TIP (If you have colored pencils nearby, even if it means raiding your children’s stash, write out those ten things in color, choosing a different color for each item on your list. Color helps deepen your perspective, your visual awareness while adding beauty to the words you create.)


gratitude Rash quote








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