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Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter Monday December 18 2017

Having Breakfast With God

There is something special in a tropical morning; a quality or sense inherent in the blue sky, warm breeze and building heat.

All that mixed with a deep underlying tranquility that seeps into the soul. 

A morning that is a spa for the soul.

Of course, how we experience morning, and how we take possession of it is different for everyone. 

But that doesn’t negate the fact , that showing up in the moment means the experience is like having breakfast with God.

It is a deep letting go  of tension; of letting go and placing everything in his divine hands and into his care.

You empty yourself back into source, so that you can  begin to refill with all his wonders so that you can fully be divine witness out “on the green growing edge of your becoming” . Expanding into what has never been before as you more fully express  in a way that is unique to you.

You are divine expression. For which we are fully thankful.

Take a moment in this, your bright morning to give all that you are  to God so that in experiencing this  unique gift of another new day you can fulfill your holy task of refilling your vessel with joyfulness of  being.

I will meet you there out on the edge where love has no boundaries and knows no limits.

With Love

Nick Grimshawe © 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year From Beautiful Summer Morning

We have traversed another year around the sun, you and I together my Beautiful Summer Morning Family.

I want to give thanks to you. You live in a special place in my heart.

I want to extend to you a very beautiful holiday season, filled with the magic of this time of year: bright colorful lights, ribbon and bows, decorated trees, and the most precious of all time spent with family and friends celebrating the traditions that are unique to you. 

I wish for you a very prosperous and happy New Year, filled with all the treasure that is our boundless inheritance.

Dream Big , Live Inspired


Prosperity Affirmation for the Holiday Season

  Abundance comes to me from expected and unexpected sources, and I express gratitude for all of it.

Source Louise Hay

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