The Future, The Past and Now: A SunShine Dialogue

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The Future, The Past and Now
©By Nick Grimshawe


Through the miracle of Quantum Mechanics,
I am imprinting this post from your future to my past.
My name is Baba Klein, a descendent of
the founder of Beautiful Summer Morning.
In my time, Beautiful Summer Morning is the
largest publishing house in the Solar System but I get ahead of myself.

I live in a self contained island between your Planet Earth and the Moon. Imagine a huge hollow cylinder sealed at both ends, and you get the picture. The name of the Island is  Beautiful  which pretty well describes the weather here. I live here with my wife, Helena, my genetically enhanced dog Sashimo, and about ten thousand other inhabitants. There are thousands of these Islands out here, and settlements on the Moon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt.

Except for the lighter gravity you would think you where living in a small village in the middle of the English countryside of the early twentieth Century.

My purpose is not to go into detail about the future, but to write to you about my wanderings about Beautiful, with my sidekick Sashimo.

Sashimo talks.

Oh not with his vocal cords, that is still beyond our genetics, but he has an implant that reads his brainwave activity which is translated directly to my brain in the form of the Universal Language.

Sashimo is a Golden Retriever with long copper colored hair that curls at his sides and acts as a magnet for early morning dew and mud.

Our founder loved dogs. He found their carefree, happy manner very Tao like.
He dreamed of writing Dialogues called the SunShine Dialogues about his conversations with his dogs.


His wishes on this matter have been handed down over the centuries to each executive director of Beautiful Summer Morning.

I am honored and humbled, that I will be the one to compose these Dialogues and send them back to you, to appear in Beautiful Summer Morning while the Founder is still alive, thus fulfilling his dream in his life time. (Please forgive the confusing time sense and apparent paradox.)

I think it is time to introduce Sashimo.

Right now he is asleep at my feet, in our house, just outside the village. By the way, his paws are jerking back and forth. I think he must be hot on the trail of some poor rabbit.

“Sashimo, wake up.”


The paws stop jerking and one brown eye slowly opens then the other.

“Why do you do that”

“Do what?”

“Wake me up out of a beautiful dream.”


Sashimo sits up and cocks his head at me.

“So what is so important you feel compelled to wake me?”

“I want to introduce you to the readers of Beautiful Summer Morning.”

Sashimo settles back a bit, lifts up his right hind leg and scratches at his ear.
I recognize a typical delaying action, while he considers a response.

“Those poor drug-ridden, violence-stressed, time-challenged individuals?”

“Yes, I mean no. Not every body lived like that. Especially not readers of Beautiful Summer Morning.”

Sashimo stands up and stretches.

“You’re not thinking of rewriting the past are you Baba?

He grins, that’s not a genetic modification: all dogs do that. He'”s wagging his tail too. Not smug exactly, but the chase is on.

He knows I can’t change the past, he just wants to see my reaction: so I don’t react.

I push myself out of my chair and cross to an open window facing out to the flower garden.

I sigh. “This is more difficult for me than for you.”

Sashimo comes to sit beside me his nails clattering on the bamboo floor.

“Baba, time is very elastic and forgiving. We make distinctions in the physical universe that don’t really exist. All is now and now is everything. The past does not exist except in non physical form. I’m teasing and I shouldn’t, it is not The Way.

“I don’t understand how all this works”

“You don’t have too Baba, what difference would your understanding make? It just is, accept it.”

I smile and shove my hands into the soft pockets of my pants.

He’s right of course, understanding the complexities of Quantum Mechanics does not alter the fact that I am talking to your from the future. I guess you and I need to accept that, just like Sashimo.

Day Lily

“Let’s go outside Baba, the sun is shining off the shrubbery, and I feel a soft breeze, lazy with heat, stirring up…”

he sniffs loudly, “something wonderful.”

He’s out through the door before I can answer. I follow, smiling to myself.

“So what should we put in our first post?” I shout after him.

He turns his head back to regard me, his copper hair burnished to fire in the sunlight.

“When you know that you will write your first post.”

Hard to escape that logic.

He starts to run ahead.

“Hey wait. Let me grab my fishing pole.”

“Baba, it’s a beautiful summer morning. The world is flowing through me. Let’s go find an adventure.”

“I’m with you Sashimo.”

I grab my fishing pole and follow.

That’s Sashimo: but right now the world is flowing through me too. It’s like drinking the prefect cup of nectar. I know just the spot to while away a morning.

Baba Klein

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of Dialogues between Baba Klein and Sashimo who will, in their own manner, discuss philosophical questions across space and time.

I encourage your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. If there are “no comments” just click there to leave one.



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