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Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter Monday December 11 2017

Dew Drop;s

Download It

As you can see I’m up to it again. Trying something new.

Today I’m using a program called Elementor to build a newsletter right at my website.  I love looking for new ways to do things and hopefully make them more interesting along the way.

Which brings me to the title of today’s newsletter: Download It.

I’ve talked about how in modern times we tend to overload our minds with so many things it’s a wonder we get anything done.

There is so much juicy stuff out there, books, podcasts, YouTube videos and more it’s not possible to keep up with everything.

Pile on top of that what we do to our minds when in comes to our everyday lives and experiences and you get the idea why the promise of a more relax society hasn’t come about even with all the new time saving gadgets and devices.

While I was reading this morning I came across this quote:

“A 2010 study started by making the point that any time we have something on our mind, it’s literally using up energy–even though it accounts for only about 2 percent of your body weight, your brain uses about 20 percent of your energy.

But more than that, what you’re holding in your mind will unconsciously influence what you can notice an focus on.

Source: The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever

Later as I worked on studying Spanish these other thoughts kept intervening. They crowded my space and started to dictate what I focused on.

Because I’d just read that quote at breakfast this command popped into my head: “Download it.”

Of course! Get it out of my head and into the physical universe.

A good practice is to keep a download page handy. It can be anything that works for you. 

With the ever present cell phones it’s easy to set up a note and download there. Because I work in my home office most of the day I keep a place to jog down thoughts. This has now become by official download page. 

Try this for the week and see if it boost your ability to focus, help you de-clutter your mind, and perhaps find some moments of peace and tranquility you can upload into that lovely space you created.

Let me know how it goes.

With Love


Prosperity Affirmation For the Week

Infinite Wisdom guides me, Divine Love prospers me, and I am successful in everything I undertake.

Source:The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Publisher: DeVorss & Company; Revised edition by Catherine Ponder

Meditate in 12 Minutes

Meditate in 12 minutes

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