The course will take apporixmately 15 days to complete.

Our modern world is full of distractions and interesting byways that call to us every day. We are flooded with appealing visual media designed to grab our attention. We are bombarded with information at a pace and intensity most of us canít absorb. We turn our attention first to one thing then the next and wonder why we are confused and frustrated.
Wouldn`t it be beneficial if we had a guiding star which we could measure our actions. A litmus test if you will to measure an action against our basic purpose in life?
But if you don't understand or don't know what your specific basic purpose in life is you are left to drift on the tides making little progress and feeling frustrated and stopped.

That's why Nick Grimshawe, Editor and Publisher of Beautiful Summer Morning, developed the "Finding Your Life Purpose Course". Until he discovered his life purpose he tried everything that came along and wondered why he seemed so fickle and rudderless. "By happenstance I discovered my life purpose which brought everything in my life into a magical focus."
Nick has refined the method he used to make that discovery so you can use the same tools to discover your Life Purpose.
The course consists of 6 lessons(sent over a 15 day period) which will help you define and discover your life purpose.
The course includes a 1/2 hour coaching session with Nick Grimshawe to help you during the course. This is a $100 value which you receive free as part of the course.
Here is what one subscriber said about the course:
"Nick, let me start by saying that the course is very interesting and enlightening. I think it will be hugely helpful to people, and frankly, it's a lot of fun doing the exercises. CR"
Discover your life purpose and learn how to use that purpose to live a fuller more rewarding and productive life.

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