BSM April 23 2012

April 23, 2012

One of our long time readers send this photo in of his sister's beautiful  craft work. The photo is courtesy of Emmanuel
Mwesige who lives in Kampala Uganda. (I think he's promised more.)

Hello, [First Name], I can't help but be thrilled by reader participation in this newsletter, and today's issue will be an outstanding
example of that.

First off, the photo above was sent to me by Emmanuel who lives in Uganda. It's a photo of his sister's art. I jumped at the chance
to show you this wonderful and inspiring work and Emmanuel graciously allowed me to post it here.

Emmanuel and I have chatted back a forth a few times by email over the years and when he sent the photo it reminded me that
BSMN (Beautiful Summer Morning Newsletter) has readers across the globe. The newsletter enjoys a large audience on the
African continent, plus subscribers from every corner of the planet. I am grateful and humbled to have such a wide ranging audience
and it delights me when we get a chance to share something about each others cultures.

Thank you Emmanuel and your sister for one of the miracles in this newsletter today.

The other miracle comes from another reader who I fully treasure as she has been a reader from day one over six year ago, and has been a supporter and cheerleader ever  since.

To set up this story, last week I send out two email in one day something I rarely do...but I wanted to alert you to the opening of the World Tapping Summit and to encourage you to sign up for the fr*ee video material on tapping that I didn't want you to miss. The story starts from that point, the second email of the day. I will let T.G describe what happened when she clicked on the link to the first video in that series. (I've included the link again below in the Links and Things feature.)

The following is an email from T. G.

On Dec 27th my stepfather passed away unexpectedly.  He was an  important part of my life for 38 years; more than twice as long as  my father who passed away at the age of 40 when I was 17.  From my  stepfather's death until well into March, I was experiencing a  tremendous amount of stress. Despite acknowledgement, I knew it was  still creating havoc on my body.

On April 3rd, one of my brother-in-laws passed away.  Not as  unexpected as my stepfather, but still a shock.  A few nights later,  I was suddenly awakened by an intense burning throughout my body.  I  tried relaxation, meditation, and self-talk to ease the pain.   Nothing worked.  When I got up in the morning, I felt like I had  been run over by a freight train. My left hand was so incredibly  painful and I barely had enough strength to hold a cup.  Over the  next few days, I was continuing to use the techniques I had learned,  but still nothing was working.  I decided, what I really needed was  to go up into the mountains to just scream.

By now the pain had lessened, but I knew what I was experiencing  needed more than the acknowledgement and tending I was able to give.  When I received this e-mail, I clicked on the link.  I seldom do  that because I subscribe to several newsletters; it's time consuming  to visit all the links.  Knowing a little about tapping already, I  listened and followed along to the 1st video.  As to be expected  there was a shift, but the pain didn't stay away for long.  It was  like the top layer of pain was diminished, but there was more  underlying.

The next morning, I got up and wrote down the words Nick(Ortner) was using  then I did the tapping.  Again a shift and the pain stayed away  longer. Yesterday morning when I did the tapping, there was  complete freedom when I acknowledged the top layer of pain being  diminished, and that the deeper pain was still there.  At that  moment, going up into the mountains to scream surfaced and the pain  disappeared!  The pain went from 8.5 - .05 with very little  stiffness left in the joints.  I no longer feel the need to go up  into the mountains.  What an incredible relief.

Then yesterday afternoon, I received an unexpected call from a  person I had briefly met last fall at a home show who wanted to know  more about my fundraising.  For various reasons we were unable to connect again.  When he called yesterday afternoon, it was because  he not only had the wrong person, but the wrong number for what he  was looking for.  When we realized who each of us were, we made  plans once again to follow up for the fundraiser.

Love the magic!

When I wrote to T.G. to ask her if it was okay to use her  email she followed up with another email which just continued this amazing story.

The Following Email

Last night ... another experience ... I've been battling a bladder infection since 2003 or 2004.  The antibiotics didn't work and after  the 3rd prescription, I started trying different methods to fix the  problem. My chiropractor suggested large doses of vitamin A and to  take zinc along with it.  I did that method off and on for years,  not wanting to take the larger doses of vitamin A for too long at a  time.  After that I used the potion created by Dr Strauss for  bladder health (not the nicest tasting, but it worked well ... I  didn't get anymore after the first bottle was gone!).  I drink more  water which also has minerals added.  More recently, I started using  Cinnamon and Honey.

A couple of weeks ago, along with everything else that had been  going on, I felt a twinge of the infection returning.  I  acknowledged it, drank my water and the Cinnamon and Honey mixture.   It seemed to be going away.

Then last night, totally unexpected, it like the pain I had  described earlier hit with a vengeance.  The burning was intense.  I  drank more water in hopes of flushing it out.  I soaked for half an  hour in a relaxing tub of hot water, did tapping, and used the  H'Onopono Prayer. Afterwards I drank a hot cup of Honey water with  a few drops of lemon. Upon going to bed, I repeated the tapping,  H'Onopono and the words I wrote long ago for healing. I slept  unusually sound and this morning there is no sign of the infection.  The burning sensation is completely gone and once again, I feel that  sense of freedom.

This morning I am forever grateful for all of the natural healing methods.

What an awesome story which illustrates the magic of connecting to the universe around us through simple methods like Tapping or EFT, and the powerful words of H'Onopono.

As it so happens I have a brother-in-law who is very ill right now. I have been using the words of H'Onopono when ever  I stop for a minute to think about him. It would be wonderfully helpful, and I would really appreciate it if you can all say these words for him today. They are:

I am sorry.
Please forgive me,
Thank you,
I love you.

They are very powerful words and I have used them in the past for some very difficult situations I have run into. I have shared them with as many people as I can because I have seen the miracles they can create. Now it doesn't really matter how they work, but by saying them over and over like a chant they can and do create miracles.

I would love to get your feed back on today's stories, and anything else you would like to discuss. Send your comments to

with love

and to all the miracles in your life.


Links and Things.

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