The Beautiful Summer Morning Diary of Noy

Editors Notes:

I am pleased to offer this new feature to all my readers. I wanted to bring to you the raw energy, stream -of -consciousness style that I think Moy uses to great effect. I edited only to correct puncutation and clarity. Other wise the excerpts from Moy’s Diary are exactly as she wrote the words. I hope you enjoy these segments , and look forward to any comments you wish to make.

I am also hoping to include some Biographical details about Moy shortly.


Where shall I start?

Let’s put it this way: “a Beautiful Summer Morning is ………. opening the box and finding a very spiritual-lifting message for the day”… Yeah! Courtesy of the beautiful- summer- morning-dot- com.

Beautiful summer mornings… THEN…

For decades (or beautiful summer days ago!), I had been experiencing this same kind of empty (?) funny/weird/strange/odd feelings. High school days, those were the days. Well, I thought, oh yes, this is just one of those childhood emotions. I think there were lots of unexpressed and suppressed feelings on so many different aspects of life. Maybe because I had a lot of reservations.

For one, I knew I always-loved nature, I feel like I always have a connection with it. We had an old-fashioned 2-story house (very simple… not a trace of lavishness). Most of the mornings before I went down to join the family at the breakfast table, I always made sure I squeezed a time to sit by the window, (rest my chin on my palms), gazing at the greens around: tropical trees, native bushes – with dozens of birds fluttering their wings from one palm tree to another. A few butterflies dancing over the “hibiscus” trees. Or just lazily staying still in bed watching the horizon and be temporarily lost in a dreamy state (no boundaries!) dwelling on past unforgettable experiences – simple yet beautiful experiences.

I thought I had always been a far-fetched dreamer! Well, I was raised by a pair of old-fashioned parents (with so much values in life) but I knew that even if I had a lot of values imparted on me, still my innermost feelings tell me that I am not just going to be like them (peacefully content). Notorious!!!!

They were the best virtues: I knew it firmly. Well, my mind always tells me a different cluster of thoughts, far different from how my heart says it. How I looked didn’t say much about my outlook in life. I loved the simple life but (for lack of rational reasons) I always longed to be grand. Everyone thought (I unassumingly agree) that I was too prude… which I was not. With my brains, I always loved experimenting (to the extent of thinking and feeling odd). Luckily, my alter ego constantly reminded me of the existence of my other self. I always had a lot of reservations, despite those weird thoughts, which always crept inside my brain.

Ah, I now remember my high school friend branding me an old-fashioned hippie. Those were the days of the flower power, Ravi Shankar, the Maharishi, Monkees, Zombies, Simon and Garfunkel, and of course the Beatles. Yes, those were the late-sixties’ and I remember drooling onto them – to acquiring glossy magazines just to be able to get updated on the on-goings. I swooned over the music at the time (I still do, though…. my mind drifts back to those nostalgic days each time I hear the music of the 60’s – the time when young minds were at their fragile-most. You sing the tune, feel it, and you become one with it. With all honesty, I still get carried away.

Keep Smiling…I am,

Noy 🙂

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