The Beautiful Summer Morning Diary of Noy

After Friday Night

By Noy 🙂

© by Beautiful Summer Morning.Com

Beautiful summer mornings… those days having one of the best Sunday baths (lavishing yourself with the best smelling scents), after which feasting on the best Sunday lunch (with the best tasting broth, as a starter) … and savouring the rest of the meal while sniffing the luxurious scent of the remaining smell oozing out of your your hair… Bliss!!!!

Beautiful summer mornings … AFTER…

… Waking up late on weekends (unmindful of what’s happening around) – yes, Mother, I’m Tadacip coming for lunch. Of course, I have to have my regular coffee-with-just-buttered-plain bread (at 12:30!!!!) Instantly followed by the prepared lunch (no in betweens, mind you). It’s heaven! (Well, I didn’t know brunch existed in our household four decades ago). It was just me, though. Real odd!

…. Another beautiful part…. Saturday mornings: reminiscing about beautiful episodes from the previous Friday nights spent with good friends savouring a sumptuous dinner, after which… the best part of all – listening to good old western/country classic, or catching up with other music avidly dwelling on jazz pieces. Or bar hopping with work colleagues chasing for a better place to wine and dine. Finally, setting it off in a piano bar, (Belting out a, “trying-very-hard-rendition”, of Send In The Clown… Or rockin’ and rollin’ in one of those “let’s-do-the-twist” nostalgia places (either twisting it out or just watching them get twisted)…

Or, just going out in big groups, and being a bit loud, (maybe do some silly things) succumbing to taquitos con margaritas… Or being a bit civil and spending a more dignified night exchanging pleasantries with more orthodox friends to the tune of good old classical tunes… Or spending a much quieter night, with a special friend, (hypnotically gazing at each other – frozen, getting carried away – entranced, by the melancholic sounds of the hotel bar’s quartet)…

Or just unwinding, in one of the infamous sing-along joints and coming up with your better-than-nothing rendition of Summertime… Or chasing your favourite sax player and pleading for the Nth request of Chuck Mangione’s “Feel So Good”. It really feels darn good. Yes, whichever one it is, you can’t help but savour each and every minute of those unforgettable precious evenings on a beautiful summer (weekend) morning. It feels so good, so immensely good, you just long to drift away to a far distant and unknown place…. ascending, entranced, to the tune of George Winston pieces, suspending the whole time to yourself alone. Isn’t it a beautiful? Glorious? A real beautiful summer morning…

Keep smiling…I am,

Noy 🙂

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