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Learn the Modern Secrets Hidden in This Ancient Wisdom

If you participated in the Abundance For Life Mind Fest, I know that you, like myself, where impressed with the quality of the material offered and the wonderful tools provided. In fact because there was so much information in the material I bought the course so I could go back over the material as many times as I needed to. Part of that course was to write out seven well-formed choices of what you are “now going to manifest.”. I concluded that I would then need to do the course at least seven times, one time for each of the seven items I put on my list. I’m currently working on my second time through the material.

Now you might think that is taking things too far. However, I believe that we tend to discard our learning too quickly. We read a self help book, then go onto another and then another without stopping to really apply the information in the first book. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of reading widely, but we do need to take more time in practice as well.

Daily practice. (Yea my old recurring theme.)

The magic come from the daily practice and what you put into it.

Learning to apply what you read is critical.

The Abundance For Life Fest, won’t be offered again for quite awhile which is why, below, I’ve included a letter from Pete Bissonette about a new up coming Course from Learning Strategies, you can take part in for free.

You may not have heard of Marie Diamond but I have read and listen to Marie quite often over the last few years. Way back when I was promoting The Abundant Mystic series, was the first time I met Marie.

I’ll leave you to read the letter, the offer of a free course with Marie, which I can assure you I am going to take part in.

I know very little about Feng Shui, so I look forward to learning more.

Take a look. Be open to new possibilities.

Diamond Feng Shui Fest

Learn the life-changing secrets of “Feng Shui” in the FREE 6-day Diamond Feng Shui Fest online beginning April 14
Dear [First Name]
Feng Shui is more than good interior design and having space that “feels” good. When done right it can be one of the most powerful personal development tools ever.
Beginning April 14, Feng Shui master Marie Diamond will tell you exactly how to use Feng Shui in your home to:

• Attract more rewards for your talents and accomplishments

• Reduce drama, conflict, and stress in your home and workplace

• Learn and remember anything easily
• Have more friends and better relationships
• Let go of what is keeping you stuck
• Heal quicker from illness and injuries
Yes, good Feng Shui can result in all of this! And that’s just a taste of what you will learn in this free online event.

Click here for Free Pass

How can moving your sofa

make you more money?

Chinese emperors had access to sacred knowledge about how surroundings affect energy—for better or for worse.
They knew how to attract positive energy and how to deflect negative energy. For thousands of years they used it for long life, to control their empire, and to build supreme wealth.
They called this knowledge Feng Shui, and to them it was mystical. But today Feng Shui can be explained through a field of science called quantum physics.
By making specific changes in your environment, you make changes in the energy that surrounds you, and this can have a massive impact on your life. Here’s what Marie Diamond’s students have experienced:
“Promoted to Senior Vice President with a 25% increase in pay.”
“Immediately we became lovey-dovey again.”
“My net worth doubled in nine months.”
“Within a day the first call for an audition came in.”
“An unexpected gift of $50,000 came.”
“Immediately the pain subsided and has now gone away completely.”
“In just ten months my personal income increased by more than 1100%. I did nothing differently but implement Diamond Feng Shui techniques.”

Click here for Free Pass

If you’ve tried everything to change your life,

but nothing happens, maybe you’re living

with bad Feng Shui

Your misfortune—or lack of fortune—may be due to the energy of your environment. Moving into a new home or switching jobs is not the solution. Bad Feng Shui is likely to follow you around until you take action to change it.
During the six days of the Diamond Feng Shui Fest you will be able to check the Feng Shui of your home and workplace and make the changes that give you Feng Shui that can positively change your life forever.

You can learn Marie Diamond’s powerful

Feng Shui techniques FREE in the

Diamond Feng Shui Fest

Thanks to the generosity of Marie Diamond there is absolutely no charge or obligation to study Diamond Feng Shui during the six days beginning April 14. To get your Free Pass to these sessions click here:

Click here for Free Pass

Feel free to pass this email onto your friends. Let’s give everyone a chance to get more from life through good Feng Shui.

For your balance, harmony, and good fortune,

Pete Bissonette

Pete Bissonette

President of Learning Strategies


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