What Are You Bringing to Your Window

Courtesy of Robyn Jay https://www.flickr.com/photos/learnscope/
Courtesy of Robyn Jay https://www.flickr.com/photos/learnscope/


Right this moment my hands have a citrusy rose scent to them, as I’ve just finished picking
some fresh rose hips to dry for use in herbal teas this winter. The scent is heady and invigorating. I can picture myself sitting looking out through the living room window at a bleak rainswept evening, clutching in my hands a warm mug of rose hip tea.

Speaking of windows, windows represent one of  my favorite metaphors. We look through windows into a different world.

Each window gives us a different view.

Different windows in the same house looking out on the same lawn  allows us different perspectives.

What you bring to the window colors what you see. This is why two people looking out the same window will see different things.

When you bring happiness to the window on a dark and gloomy day, you see the beauty in  stark colors, and find joy in the patterning of the rain against the window pane. You are delighted by the way the wind scatters the colorful autumn leaves across the grass. But when you bring loneliness to the same window you see darkness and foreboding. You see dead leaves tossed by an angry wind. You see
things drained of their natural color.

Books say different things to different people, and different things to the same people. Books are a form of window, it that they let you see into a very different world than you inhabit everyday.

Music opens a window in to the heart of an emotion. The same music can open different windows for different people.

What we bring to any circumstance colors our vision. What we see through the window of our life, is a mirror of our internal landscape.

What are you bringing to your windows?


Journaling Exercise

Take a few minutes to reflect on this. Use your journal and write about your observations.

Monitor your emotions over a week or so? How does what you see through a window change from day-to-day?

Are the changes weather related only, or do they run to a deeper level?

Consciously bring an emotion to the window with you, and see how it colors your view.

Right now it is beautiful and sunny out so I tried to come to the window with an attitude of apathy. My feelings did change, the friendly sun took on a more sinister demeanor. “Oh sure other people can go out and enjoy the sun, but not poor me. It looks nice out but what difference does that make for me?”

Taking a moment to stop and reflect on these things will take you deeper into the core of your being and help you see things that where there all along but where just too familiar to see.

Allowing yourself to do this simple observation lends proof to the idea that you really do create your world.

If you can change what you see through a window just by changing the emotions within you….then does it not follow that you can do that for your whole life?

Try it. do it. I double dog dare you.
Comment, by explaining what your moods is now, and how that is coloring what you see.


With Love


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