Can You Find Your Light Switch? Sunday Inspirational Video # 310

Trust. Faith. These are the qualities that drive an sustain you when you find yourself in the darkness. Full of doubt. We’ve all been there and will probably find ourselves there again. But the circumstance isn’t important, it’s what we do in that moment that defines us. Enjoy the video.

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Spiritual Humor


Thought for the Week 


You are just like the sun in that you emit energy out to your universe every day, and, just like the sun, this energy has an effect on everything it comes in contact with.

Source:I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are by Howard Falco

With Love


For those of you who found this video an emotional and inspirational boost I want to tell you about my Wednesday Inspirational Series. Every Wednesday I send you one short inspirational video. I sent it out on Wednesday because its hump day, the middle of the week when a fresh push of inspiration can move you powerfully through the rest of the week. So you can stay productive and creative and bring out your best in what you love to do.

I offer this as a free service as part of my mission to inspire others to rediscover their unlimited potential.

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