The Challenges of New Things.

Hi everyone, I am speaking to you directly tonight, right from the pages of beautiful summer morning. Usually I work in a Word Document do all the spell-checking  and corrections that I spot, then copy and paste it to the site. But tonight I just wanted to give you a quick post to let you know that the post I had planned for yesterday got delayed while I fiddled with all kinds of very technical stuff and in the process managed to erase the post. Fortunately I managed to recover the file and I am in the process of retyping it.

But these are the challenges we all face when we do new things. Some people shy away from these challenges, and if you are one of those people I urge you to swallow your inhibitions and fire away on all cylinders.

I am not a technical person. As I keep explaining to my techie friend, the computer is a tool that I use, I shouldn’t  have to study another language to operate it. Well I’m learning a whole new language as I under take to construct this website. And you guys get to come along with me just for the fun of it all. You can watch me flouder and flop around as I make my way forward. People say I am brave for putting it all out their, my thoughts and comments. I’m not brave. I love to write. I can express my self in written words  better than I can in spoken words. Sometimes when I speak words the emotions well up and over power me. Then I struggle with the emotion and not the words to express how I feel. So working with written words, I can stand back and recover, without anyone witnessing the struggle . So perhaps writing is the medium of the cowardly not the brave.

My message to everyone, is take up the challenge of new things. I promise you won’t be bored. You might be frustrated as hell, like I was last night as I tried to up load my work through a file manager and  a FTP (File Transfer Protocol){I don’t have spell check on this thing!!!!}and not only didn’t get the article up loaded to the site but also over wrote the file one too many times and ended up with zero.

However, what I have learned over the course of the last three months, blows me away. I know so much more about the computer, than I ever did before. I am learning how to shape it to my vision, not letting it dedicate the extent   of my vision due to my limited capability.

As with all things. No matter what the subject you want to take on, you will learn and grow richer in the process. I can point to people who have stopped learning, or no longer strive for a dream. Their spark is gone. They live to fill in the time. It’s not whether or not you get there but the journey that counts. Life is a journey. (How trite yet true.) I’m one of those bores who finds getting there half the fun.

I have done some incredibly stupid things in my life time. Yet I have never stopped chasing the dream. This blog is about the dream. This blog is about helping others live their dreams. This blog is my vision of how I would like to find the world.

We can focus on the bad news, bad news sells, but far more talented people than I dish out the bad on a daily basis. We miss the good news buried in the bad.

If you are expecting me to rant and rave, and curse and moan, and debase others simply because they do not think as I do, then this is not the place for you to visit.

I am about the sunshine on a beautiful summer morning. We all have a limited number of them due to us. I want for all of us to live those beautiful mornings to the fullest extend possible. That is what this site is all about.

Our goal is a beautiful summer morning burning at the center of every individual’s life. I want to change the world, back to a more gentler time, where we have  the humanity and the freedom, and faith in one another, to stop, take a deep breathe of that gentle air that floats on the breezes of an early summer morning, then exhale slowly, savouring all that is around you, with the realization that that is how life is meant to be and not the horrible sounds of bombs busting in air.

Nick Grimshawe

Have a beautiful summer morning.

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