There is An Adventure Waiting for All of Us

The Great Way

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There is An Adventure Waiting for All of Us

© by Nick Grimshawe

The way is open to us all.

The way has been called many things. The one I like the best is:
“The Great Way” referred to in the Tao Te Ching.

“The Great Way” conjures up images of all the adventures of time: The Silk Road blazed by Marco Polo who found a new world for western eyes, Alexander at the end of the world, Christopher Columbus setting foot in the new world, Neil Armstrong stepping out upon our closest celestial neighbour , the Moon.

I think of the Tales of the Arabian Nights. I think of Treasure Island. I think of reading Dune for the first time. I remember the excitement of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

The Great Way is all of those things and much much more.

The Great Way is a journey into our selves.

How you get onto the path does not matter whether through religion or spiritual message, or a simple desire to find a more empowering truth. Why you started out on the journey may be lost in the fog of time but you remember the call; that irresistible urge to set forth and seek out.

If you are a human/being (a being in human form) then within you, whether you acknowledge it or not, is the call to come on out and join the throngs of pilgrims on the hot and dusty path called the “Great Way”.

Hear the tinkling of bells upon the wind, feel the swirl of excitement around your belly button, sense the sweeping vistas of joy a waiting, understand the sense of longing to be home, truly home.

I have learned all that I seek is within me.

I have learned that that which is within me is part of the Mystery to which I am eternally link.

All I have to do is unfold, open out, allow, and be present.


That’s why we call it the Great Way.

Like all journeys you confront risks, face challenges, encounter fears you did not know you had. You will want to step off the path at times. Frustration will dog you at the end of blind alleys that make you retrace your steps. The heat will make you thirsty. The night will make you cold.

Yet you are more spirit Levitra Professional than form, though that might now be clear to you now.

As spirit you are the call, the journey, The Great Way and the Mystery. You can no more refuse the adventure than refuse to breathe.

You are surrounded by other travelers, some reluctant, some willing. Do not judge their journey, how far they’ve come, how far they have to go, or their method of travel, simply celebrate their adventure, share a helping hand while you are together, and wish each other well.

Now excuse me, the clash of cymbals sound, the pipers play my song, the dusty heat, the multitudes, all call me out to my inward path.

The Great Way

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