Un-sticking My Mind

Bridge Falling Down
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Un-sticking My Mind

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I believe you need to learn to be open to the messages the universe is throwing at you.
This morning I wrote these words in my journal.

We, in our physical bodies, act as a bridge between two worlds for within us we hold both in a unique foothold that some would rend asunder.

When we find those moments of solitude and peace where we come face to face with the profound love at the core of our being, yet can still hear the sound of nature all around; the trickling brook, the bird song, the distant train whistle: We have opened the bridge to the traffic of understanding, joy and of radiance.

Communication flows from our ability to translate the language of both worlds.

Once you open the bridge the messages of the spiritual world find revelation in the physical world.

People farther removed from our modern, overwhelmingly physical world were able to read those messages in the flight of a bird, in the appearance of a snake, in the juxtaposition of apparently dissimilar events.

To change the metaphor slightly: My bridge is more like a draw bridge from a medieval castle. Quite often you find me with my draw bridge up in a defensive position to comfort some perceived threat. Only when I let the bridge down does the traffic of inspiration flow and I receive the communication of the world outside my walls.

You might argue that having the draw bridge up can be a good thing when the enemy is at the gate.

I ask “What makes them an enemy the first place?” The answer can be found within the castle walls (you). Don’t forget sieges, a favourite pastime of medieval knights, can leave a walled castle the victim of its own enclosure.

As human/beings we each have a job to do—open our unique bridge between the worlds so that the song of a meadow lark becomes the chorus of the heavenly hosts.

I finished the entry as I finished breakfast and went about my day attempting to keep my draw bridge down. For that reason I think I was open for the message that came screaming through to me.

Let me back up.

A few days ago I received, in the mail, my “retirement check-up” from my financial company. I took the news hard. “We would have to sell the house, because at retirement we were not going to be able to make the payments.” Down this negative path I went in a blue funk that has troubled my days and nights since.

The funk expanded, as funks have a habit of doing because it dampened what has been an awesome time for me spiritually.

I finally went back to an affirmation I have used with powerful results in the past.

“What is desired is on its way.” Just repeat ten or twenty times at a go.

Today because my draw bridge was down what was desired crashed through my ridiculous state of mind.

The message came as the dogs and I returned from a walk.

I passed a house with a “For Sale” sign.

We went sailing passed. But something about the house grabbed my attention.
To the dogs, I said, “Guys I think that was a sign. Do you think that was a sign? I think it was a sign, we’re going to turn around and go back. I’m sure it’s a sign.”

A U-Turn and several minutes later we pulled into the drive way of the house.

The house met my desire for a quiet location, perfectly. A fenced dog play area also added to the perfection, and a river (well a creek really) ran through it, plus 3.5 acres to play in.

I started to think about price as I copied the realtor’s number down. As I drove away I am thinking if the price is reasonable then we could reduce our mortgage payments …aha!

Suddenly I realized how fixated I’d become on some banks calculated retirement income that I’d shut the door on all other possible solutions. I’d given a piece of paper power over me. Instead of solutions I saw only the barrier.
Once the barrier blew away, all kinds of options opened up, and my dream of simplifying my life appeared much closer than it did a few days ago.

A call to the realtor dashed my hope that it could be that house but I didn’t care by then. The house showed me the way pass my barrier.

The lesson: Do everything you can to keep your unique bridge open so you can translate the messages coming through.


Bridge Falling Down

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