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By John Elliot

It was a sunny day, in mid June, the summer of 2004, when I’d decided to go for a mid afternoon stroll in my local park. The air was filled with the fragrances of early summer flowers, birds sang their merry warbles, and the grass was freshly mown, as I casually ambled my way along the myriad of pathways. I was enjoying a relaxing and peaceful afternoon, just taking in the essences that mother nature, and the park keepers had provided. I had decided to rest a while, and sit down on an old wooden bench near the river, and have a cigarette. The water gurgled, spluttered and swirled its way under a nearby bridge to my left, and the small waterfall on my right made its pleasing sounds.

At first I never noticed the pair of glasses, at the other end of the bench, and I must have sat there for over an hour, just taking in the tranquillity of my surroundings. They were in a leather pouch, with the usual yellow cleaning cloth wrapped around them, and looked fairly new and very expensive, around $200 at least. There was no identifying marks anywhere as to whom they belonged to or the opticians who had supplied them. I could have easily left them there, in the vain hope that the owner would remember where they had left them, but it was getting late, and our tranquil park by day is no place to be at dusk, as the local teenage gangs gathered there on a regular basis to ply their ever increasing illicit trade in drugs, and generally harass any unsuspecting passers by. I decided to take them home with me and plan a course of action, I could implement the following day to find the owner of the glasses.

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