Bruce Lipton Video: How Your Thoughts Can Heal You

Editors Note: Unfortunately sometimes videos I post are pulled for one reason or another. When this happens I try to find a suitable if not identical replacement. For this particular video, as yet I have not found a replacement. You can find lots of long videos featuring the work and thoughts of Bruce Lipton on YouTube. If the text of this blog inspires you to investigate further, I assure you , you will find his work spellbinding.

Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton

Today I want to share with you a fascinating video
with Bruce Lipton on how your thoughts can make you
you sick, broke and unhappy, if you don’t know how
to control them properly…

Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist who has spent
years studying how our thoughts effect us in all
areas of life.

His scientific studies are so shocking and revealing
and have such wide ranging ramifications that the
established communities have gone to great lengths
to keep them hidden, especially the medical community.

Bruce Lipton has out-right said that the majority of
medical studies done today are inaccurate and
misleading and he has the proof to show why.

If you’re ready for some mind blowing information
on how your thoughts effect all areas of your life
then I highly suggest watching this video:

Bruce Lipton Video

Here are a few of the things that he discusses
in the video:

-Why positive thinking is not enough to change
your life (And what he says does work)

-How the unconscious programming you received
in childhood is effecting you today (And what you
can do about the programs that aren’t serving you)

-The one simple belief that traditional medicine is
based on that is 100% false.

This video is guaranteed to be one of the most
eye opening videos you’ll see all Cialis year.

Bruce Lipton Video


Nick Grimshawe

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