A Whole New World: Sunday Inspirational Video #191

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Build deep into the heart of our DNA , programed into the language of our cells, imprinted into the soul stuff  ofwhich we all are made is this mythological concept of a “whole new world”. Through out the history of our time on this earth, the promise of a new world somewhere has drawn us to the adventure of seeking new worlds, new ways, new hopes, new dreams. We have gone out  and crossed deserts to find the green heart in a new land. We have braved the wild sea to seek and find…and we have discarded our mortality for the immortality of the stars. Where there have been men and women with a dream of a better life…a better way of living…we have stepped out of our comfortable places to explore at the very edge of our understanding.

My parents were such intrepid adventurers…they launched out into the unknown to a brand new world where their children would have the promise of a better life. For their courage…for their dream…I will always treasure and love them…for they did just that…brought us to a whole new world.

To be human is to seek for…that better world…it is what drives us to take inordinate risks…to go beyond the accepted boundaries. For every human being who had done that…down through the dusty centuries…they gave everything they had to make us richer in ways that would have been unimaginable for them. We are the benefactors of their adventures. Every last one of those adventurers rank as heroes among men.

That seeking for whole new world  sparked our imagination. We have written and sung about those places in very inspiring ways. The archives of our moment here on earth are full of those stories and songs.

So when I listen to Peabo Bryson and Andrea Tessa sing of this bright new world I am transported to a place of gratitude of the highest order.

Sit back, put on the headphones and allow yourself to be transported to that Whole New World…and you will  find joy there, and love, and happiness and abundance.


Until we meet again:



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