A New Dream Approaches: Sunday Inspirational Video #207

This is very beautiful. It requires only that you create a space to listen to this. Would will be moved and transported and transformed by this.

Until we meet again:


Our modern world is full of distractions and interesting byways that call to us every day. We are flooded with appealing visual media designed to grab our attention. We are bombarded with information at a pace and intensity most of us can’t absorb. We turn our attention first to one thing then the next and wonder why we are confused and frustrated. Wouldn’t it be beneficial if we had a guiding star which we could measure our actions. A litmus test if you will to measure an action against our basic purpose in life? But if you don’t understand or don’t know what your specific basic purpose in life is you are left to drift on the tides making little progress and feeling frustrated and stopped. For $27.97 you can change all of that. Click the Image below to find out more. And don’t forget to ask for your $10 rebate as a reader of this newsletter.

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11 thoughts on “A New Dream Approaches: Sunday Inspirational Video #207

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  2. I love the background music, it feels relaxing and the message is just so inspiring. ‘Just to be alive is enough’, ‘the pleasure of the feeling of love’, there’s so many lines that are inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with your readers.
    Tina recently posted..best dating tips in 2012

  3. ‘Love coming out of the sky’…’perceive love directly from everything’… This was a great video thank you so much for sharing! The background music was beautiful and the message behind this video is truly inspiring! We all need to live in complete peace and love and appreciate being alive! I loved the breathing exercise, really needed that!
    Amy recently posted..Who Wants White Teeth?

  4. Yes, I love that phrase, “just to be alive is enough”. Breath in the beautiful scents of morning, linger in the warm afternoon sun, enjoy twilight as the silence fills the world.


  5. I have covered Sigmund Freud – which i think is a psychodynamic approach ? But i cant seem to find any psychologists who have come up with a Cognitive theory or a physiological theory on dreaming. Wondered if anyone could give some tips of where to look etc.

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