Monday January 26 2015

The other day, [First Name] as I sat in a seminar on abundance I heard the facilitator say in response to something a participant said, "Yes, you can't teach about abundance unless you are abundant." That made me pause and reflect ( reflection is what our 9 Week Journaling Challenge is all about.)

On the surface at least that statement appears to make sense. If you aren’t abundant, then how can you contribute to the conversation? But when you stop and reflect on that statement and dig a little deeper questions, and thoughts arise.

One of course is perspective. We all see and measure abundance differently. We have a tendency in our society to focus on the material manifestations of abundance without, again, reflection.

As an example you can possess a beautiful 10,000 square foot mansion sitting on land that juts out into a tropical sea, surrounded by palm trees and sandy beaches, with expensive cars in the 4 car garage, and all the other toys that would go with that scene. However if the owner of that property doesn’t feel abundant, lives in fear of losing it all, so they try to hold on and possess it, then are we really looking at abundance?

You can then look at an itinerant worker, who works on industrial farms, wherever he can find work anywhere in the world. He lives in small cabins provided by the farm owner, he eats what is provided, and works hard for minimum wage or less. However, because he has no possession to speak off to hold him down, he only works 6 months of the year. For the rest of his time he uses the wee bit of money he had to rent a small place near a beach, and spends his days beachcombing, reading, enjoying the earth and the sun and the tides with a sense of contentment and ease with a true inner sense of fulfillment. He lives in the moment without stress or worry. The universe will prove what he needs.

While out driving about you come across this amazing mansion on the beach and you think wow, that’s beautiful, that person must be so happy living there and they are so rich and abundant. At the same time you see this itinerant laborer walking down the beach in ragged cut offs, a white t-shirt that’s seen better days and you feel a sense of compassion for their poverty and need.

Who has more to teach about abundance? Who would you learn more from...the rich homeowner or the itinerant?

It’s a bit of a trick questions.

The answer is both have equal things to teach about abundance.

You have things to teach about abundance from your own experiences of what worked and what didn’t work for you whether or not you feel you fit some other person’s notion of abundance.

It’s all about what you think: What you think on so many levels.

I’ve said this before, and I will say this again: Abundance isn’t a thing you possess, it’s a state of mind. Developing an abundance state of mind is the exercises.

What we think is everything.

Most of us carry around inside our head, self limiting thoughts, most of which are invisible to us because they haven’t reach a state of awareness.

We often feel we are not abundant because we don’t have ( fill in the blank). That is our evidence that we are not abundant.

Here is the equation at work: I am not abundant because I don’t have that brand new shiny Ford Edge sitting in my driveway, but my neighbors have two brand new Audi’s in their driveway. Therefore it follows that they are more abundant that me.

We are trained to see abundance as physical wealth. Don’t get me wrong, physical wealth can represent abundance. It’s just that our approach is backward.

What regulates your abundance are your thoughts not your possessions.

To have that shiny brand new Ford Edge in my driveway, requires a shift in my ability to think abundantly to find and identify the self limiting belief that is stopping the universe from delivering that car to me.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. I discovered I was doing this during my journaling exercise I do each morning.

Here is what I wrote: “So part of my mind set is to lessen my dream to fit the size of my pocket book...but I should instead, grow my pocket book to fit the size of my dream.”

I’m going to continue this conversation next week since I’ve just check to see how much I’ve written and I haven’t even added our journaling questions for this as they say...stay tuned for more.

Week 3 of our 9 Week Journaling Challenge on Reflection.

How do you measure your life in terms of abundance?


Write about times in your life when you felt truly abundant.

What limiting beliefs, considerations, and restriction do you think you might have that hold back your ability to grasp true abundance…..abundance that is true for you.

Take your time, reflect on the questions and journal about your thoughts.

With Love


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