Monday January 19 2015
Photo courtesy of Tom Wacker:  I'm sharing here what Tom said about  these photos, this was a response to a newsletter a little while ago which you can find  HERE  . Any way, I give you over to Tom : Taken at an archaeological site about 70 miles from me,(Yuma Arizona) on  Summer Solstice 2011. 

I camped and many of these are taken right at or even slightly before sun up.  I hope you can get a feeling for the hyroglyphs that I
tried to show.  I have also been there for both equinoxes, and some of the medicine wheels have shadow pointers on that day.  All in all pretty

These were done by the Ho Hokum Indians, a tribe that just simply disappeared after building a significant civilization including irrigation
canals and  still standing cave and cliff dwellings...

As I write, [First Name] it is Martin Luther King Jr. day in the US. I want to take a moment to honor a great humanitarian who advocated a non violent civil rights movement to correct the injustices heaped upon black Americans. In Seth Godin’s blog post this morning he published a link to "Letter from a Birmingham Jail [King, Jr.]"  I’ve included the link here should you wish to spend sometime today reflecting ( a sneaky way to my next subject) on the words and wisdom of this great man.

In my last newsletter I started a 9 week journaling challenge on reflection as a life skill. In the newsletter available here: I included 3 questions to reflect on and write about in your journal. I hope that you took the time to step aside from your busy life to do the work. The rewards of building your reflection muscle, will create a source of new magic in your life.

Here is this weeks series of questions to reflect on and record your thoughts in your journal. You can share your insights, questions and success here at


If I were unafraid and act  from my highest self what would I be doing to move forward in life?



What steps would I need to take to improve my overall health?




What other areas of my life could I take immediate action steps to make improvements?




How do these actions align with my purpose?


Are you dubious about the benefits of journaling?


Last night I woke up around 2 AM to a mind full of questions, barriers, challenges and ideas. I stayed in bed for awhile hoping my mind would quiet so I could get back to sleep. No such luck.

So taking a page from my own admonitions to you about taking things out of the non physical universe and bringing them forth into the physical world through the use of paper and pen, I got up and did just that.

I found my journal, turned on a light, and just listed the things swirling around in my head. Most of the thoughts I jotted down centered on the goals I’d set for this my 2015 break out year. Many of the things I recorded where fears, frustrations and barriers around attaining those goals.

After about 15 minutes of writing I sudden thought came to me.

I should be showing gratitude for all this whirl of thoughts and fears and barriers. One of the sure signs you are making progress on your path, is to find yourself directly facing challenges that simply weren’t there before. You don’t run up against the barriers to achieving your dreams if you aren’t doing anything about them, or making no progress toward them.

So I wrote out my gratitude for  getting out of my comfort zone and for learning about some of the challenges that I needed to overcome.


Often when we encounter objections, challenges, doubts and fears we take them as negative emotions and start to shy away from them. We start to shut down...start justifying our pull back from the brink with all kinds of creative excuses.

Instead if we see in these apparent negatives, gratitude for making it to this state, then the prospect of us surmounting the noise of the challenge rises. We can congratulate ourselves on our progress, rather than beating ourselves up with our fears and timidity.

Finally I came up with this affirmation: I am thrilled and excited to be challenged by my dream.

A few more notes, more reminders than anything, and I made my way back to bed, and slept with abandon.

Fittingly I end off today’s letter with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,

but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Martin Luther King Jr.


With Love




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