Monday January 12 2015

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Well, [First Name], you've made it through the first couple of weeks of the New Year. I hope you are working away at defining your goals, clarifying your dreams and your vision of how you want 2015 to be for you. It's a process that never really stops. If we want to achieve our ideals including that of our ideal self, then we need to commit to the ongoing process, of becoming what we already are. What masks us from ourselves are our own misguided limiting beliefs, those we've picked up from the insistence of others and those we've assume for ourselves without much reflection about their actual truth.
Reflection is the way to uncover who we really are underneath our blankets of insecurities. Reflection is so important that Brendon Burchard lists it as the number one skill for lifelong momentum. If you aren't familiar with Brendon Burchard, just go to YouTube and type in his name.
So to help you and me, hone our skill of reflection, I thought I would set out a 9 week challenge.
First, why nine weeks? Nine weeks will get us through the first quarter of the year, the make/break quarter, where instilling successful habits now will results in momentum to help carry you through the year. Most resolutions fail within the first few weeks of the New Year. Even those with well thought out and detail dreams and goals begin to encounter the reality of the effort required to see some of their goals through to fruition allowing doubts to smother resolve.
So if you and I can see our way through the first quarter constantly probing and reflecting on our purpose, dreams, goals and actions, then you and I will begin to see the road of possibilities before us more clearly, and find ways to toughen our resolve through the second quarter.
So what is the 9 week challenge exactly?
The 9 Week Journaling Challenge to Strengthen Reflection Skills.
Each week here in this newsletter I will include a journaling exercise meant to develop your reflection muscles. The exercise will be a series of questions to ask yourself and journal about your thoughts. Reflection as a practice deepens awareness, sparks insights, and brings to consciousness, unquestioned assumptions, hidden limited beliefs, and reveals new ways to face and overcome barriers that stand in the way of your dreams.
Tools and Materials
A journal, preferably with blank pages.
A device for writing your thoughts: pen, pencil, crayon. Color is good. (You can do this electronically if you have a device you can carry with you to your quiet, reflecting space, a tablet of small lap top.) But the act of physically writing down in your own hand, your thoughts, is the best.
A quiet place and time to do the exercise each week.
An intention to complete the challenge no matter what.
That’s it, that’s all you need.
This Week’s Journal Questions:
When I think about my dreams and goals, do they accurately reflect my purpose? What is my purpose?

When I think about how I want 2015 to manifest for me, does it really, really, get me excited, and if it doesn’t make my jump up and down, what sort of dream or goal would bring that level of excitement into my life?

If I remove all barriers, just for this questions, if money and time and all those other factors were not a consideration, what would my 2015 look like when I reflect back on it from the end of 2015?
If you have any questions, or comments, or any successes you would like to share from doing this exercise, you can reach me by clicking the reply button here, or send an email to

“Without making the actual attempt, without trial and strife, there can be no true knowledge, no progress, no high achievement, and no legend.”
Source: Brendon Burchard
The Motivation Manifesto

If you so take the challenge, there might even be a prize. Details to follow, as they say.

With Love

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