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Hello [First Name], it's me again for the second time today. I don't do this to you very often , it's just that I had to get the news to you about
the 7th annual tapping summit to your right away. I hope you took a look and watch's Nick Ortner's video and download the free gifts that were on the bottom of the same page. If you missed it, here's the link:  Nick Ortner's Video .

More Abundance

Last week I talked to you about abundance. I left off with this quote:   “So part of my mind set is to lessen my dream to fit the size of my pocket book...but I should instead, grow my pocket book to fit the size of my dream.”

I gave you an journaling exercise with a series of questions on abundance.

Here a some more of my confessions about abundance.

The other thing I do is try to help the universe deliver what I ask for, by figuring out the ways what I am asking for could be manifested. I try to force the issue if you will. But that’s a big lack of faith.

My job, and yours is to clearly know what it is we want without confusion, considerations, or restrictions.

I’ll give you an example from my own life, my own learning.

I don’t like winter. When I lived in British Columbia winter wasn’t quite the issue it is here in Ontario, but still part of my dream is to find a warmer location to spend my winters. But because I was considering my pocket book, I focused on cheap places I could go. I did a lot of reading on cheap places you could go. I focused on a couple of those places that would fit my pocket book...but they never really sang to me. That didn’t stop me trying to force them to sing to me. So even though I had the money there were always complications and reasons why I couldn’t do it.

The problem with finding myself stopped and not moving forward meant that something wasn’t aligned between my purpose, my dream and my goals. If you encounter a similiar situations where everything appears to be right and you are out there visualizing and it feels slightly off, there isn’t any movement forward, then go back and check to find what isn’t in sync.  

Something one of my sisters said to me started to crack this nut. She suggested I should consider California or Florida. It’s closer, I could drive there with Felix (my dog). My automatic response’s too expensive, and my car is old and….and and.

Last year I spent 10 day in Florida at the height of our terrible winter here. I loved it. But renting a condo on a beach in Florida is too expensive ( my limiting belief).

Once I realized why things were not aligning for me things started to open up for me.


A few days ago, I got a message from another sister, asking if I could swing $500 a month toward a condo rental in Florida next year starting from Dec 01 to Feb 29th. . “Duh yes,” was my immediate response.

I’ll leave you with something profound I learned last week in a seminar I’m attending.” Everything is created twice: first in thought, in the physical universe.”

What you think about and focus on becomes our reality. Many people don’t buy that...but as you become aware of what you  think, you will come to realize it’s true.

We are already abundant we just need to give ourselves permission to believe it.

The 9 Week Journaling Challenge Week 4.

Remember and write about a time in your life when you felt really abundant. Try to remember and record what you were feeling , thinking, doing at the time. Capture the moment with as much details using all the five sense you can muster up.

What were the conversations around money when you were growing up. What phrases did you hear your parents, their friends, and other grown ups repeat about money. How much of that thinking did you absorb into your own life outlook?

Pretend that you just received a deposit into your bank account for 1 millions dollars. Write about how you feel, what thoughts you have when you discover you have a million dollars in your account. Watch for negative, limiting beliefs in your feels and highlight them so you bring that to greater awareness. Write about any odd feelings that come up as you do this exercise.

Hopefully by now you are feeling more comfortable with journaling and with reflecting. I’d really like to hear how you are doing. You can reply to this email or write to me at .

Finally here is a link to an article a wrote about journaling which has a few tips about how to journal.  Break the Habit of Linear Journal Entries

With Love


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